Zac Brown Band “Fox On The Run” Live!

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Zac Brown Band perform Manfred Mann’s “Fox On The Run” live in an impromptu jam session while on the bus… For the latest ZBB news, tour dates, merch, contest information, and more, please visit as well as

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Man that would be aweome with some Banjo. Thats all thats missing. I’d love to hear? it on Country radio tomorrow. I’d love to hear the fiddle just get off at the end of it and fade out.

Love this band ! A great? cover of this song :-)

I love when they start playing Bluegrass. It would be amazing if they did a full album of this kind of music!!!!!?

I just bought their CD. Zac Brown wrote or co-wrote all? but one song on the CD and it’s amazing! Check it out if you like this music. Very talented group of guys.

Just stumbled onto your music by chance. ? However, you are all extremely talented. I wish you all well you are all sensational.

Perfect harmony! I would love to thank these? guys for their love of music and sharing it with us. Fox on the Run, awesome job!

I haven’t heard this song since I was 6 or 7 and my uncle played it with his bluegrass band, it was my favorite, and hearing it played like that again brought back memories!! These? guys are awesome.

LOVE your version of this song!! Was sooo sad when I couldn’t find it on here for a week and a bit!! Thanks? for reposting! I have “The Foundation” and its great, would love to see this song on a future album!!! Please? :)

I would? love to see more music actually recorded like this,PURE and SIMPLE


These guys are amazing…love the song and harmony…everyone? blends in together…keep up the GREAT work boys

this is? amazing. you guys have the most enjoyable simple harmony. REAL music.

seems like everybody in this dam band can? sing.

My family loves to get together and jam to this song, but we? can’t compare to you. :) I hope you do incredibly well, because you are incredible musicians.

unreal. one of the best bluegrass songs of all time by one? of the best bands of today. The guys continue to impress

amazingggg. me and my buddies that play bluegrass are going to try? a cover this. love it!!!

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