Your Love Is Everything – Jesus Culture (Jayesslee cover)

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Your Love Is Everything by Jesus Culture This is a song that has been a great source of encouragement to us. Love is the greatest power on earth, it conquers all things.

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I love you everything? >,<

Would you happen to know the chords? : ) I looked it up and couldn’t find it : ( the version I looked up said capo 3… So I? knew it wasn’t right cause your on capo 5 : ) please reply!

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i was directed here by a Jesus Culture playlist! Great cover….keep singing for the Lord Ladies….He loves you both sooo much.? Yall are such a blessing to those who u come in contact with and also with the viewers of ur videos! GOD BLESS :)

great girls!? :)
love jesus

That was beautiful… It makes me so happy to see young people worshipping the Lord & using the talent He gave them? for His glory
: ) Me & my twin sister, we’re 13, & we love to sing as well… This was beautiful! Keep it up!

ey girls you sing? great and are so beautiful :)

i love this song so much..

they were so lovely? and beautiful.. — Sent From Jayesslee’s AppRats (Facebook App)!

.. really love your tooth ;) ? praise the Lord !
check my channel .. if you like =)

my two favorite Australians!?

Awesome songs u guys? :) )

Praise the lord :D ? that was awesome!

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I luv your smile ? : )

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This video has more views than the original LOL?

Good to see an amazing Christian Music Cover! You go girls! Keep praiseing the? Lord!

@jjnsson That comment is priceless bro! God Bless you!?

???????????????? ??? I ? your voice? so much >//<

what kind of mic is that? ?

“we got the coolest shakers in the world” i sometimes sing? it

“we got the collest shakers in? the world” i sometimes sing it

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