X-Men-3:The Last Standing Ovation Trailer

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Wolverine (AKA:Logan) has a past that could change the fate of the X-Men forever. From the creators of “Brokeback to the Future.” www.chocolatecakecity.com
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Absolutely wonderful and funny. The man can do anything.

NEVER gets old. AMAZING.

really funny!

looove it! haha!

”his a musical god” and a sex god lol. that was actually very funny

That probably would’ve been a better movie.

Yep XMen FirstClass comes out next year!! Its Official! Oh and the other XMen flicks were good. They still need to make a XMen flick after XMen LastStand. you aint see the end. Magnetos powers caim back…..Just a little but thats good enough reason for a NEW flick!

If you wanna see this movie (and i recommend it), the full version is at QLE . BE

100% W I N

@amarilrose Yes! That’s the moment that had me busting a gut. Great vid.


Hahahaha – WIN

Why has this come up as a tag for battle field bad company 2??


Baha. Bravo. That was brilliant.

This is quite awesome. :)

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divxon.blogspot . com/2009/12/x-men-last-stand-2006.html

LMAO!! …”his movements are inexplicable erratic.” Very well done!


wow absolutly fantastic

Absolutely brilliant. Perfect for all us Hugh Jackman fans who love him for EVERYTHING he does!

“A musical…theater…GOD”

I was so hoping it’d go there. And it did.

it was hilarious ^^ I just loved it :)

Rofl superhero loving middle aged virgin nerds

haha it was kinda hard to follow the story but man that was hilarious

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