While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Igor Presnyakov

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www.cdbaby.com While my guitar gently weeps ( George Harrison ) Interpreted and performed by Igor Presnyakov www.igorpresnyakov.com www.guitar-tube.com

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That’s what iI call feeling.

@kainthevampireduck Haha practice ma friend

@catsbitemyface a)yep, it was written by george, but performed by The Beatles and it’s on one of their albums :)

b) I know I’ll never play like this guy, don’t remind me, haha


@0darkside with the style and elegance of messi..

his voice has a hint of neil young in it
can’t even imagine what feelings run through this guy when he plays

@elsybub Looks like nylon for the first 5 then sounds like steel for the last one but I am not sure. His sound is amazing and very hard to imitate

@kainthevampireduck Written by him and changed by Igor. Go hang your guitar in shame. Then pick it up again and say you’re gonna play like him one day then listen to his video again and re-realize that you have no talent compared to him. Then you can offer your guitar to him and maybe he will bless you with awesome eyebrows but nothing more. If you pray to him, when you die you will hear a repeated playlist of all of his songs.

First guitar of the world ! Best cover I’ve ever heard!

Holy shit, just hearing this and OMG that is a fantastic intro.

:’D The best i feel the sentiment of him!!!!

that’s it……I’m going to hang my guitar on the wall, I quit, I’m not worthy of playing on the same universe as this guy!

I wonder why it says just “george harrison” instead of The Beatles, both this and “here comes the sun” are songs by the whole band.

anyway, this guy is awesome!.

by the way, this is probably one of the most awesome songs by The Beatles, which means, one of the most awesome songs in the universe……. the day this guy plays “happiness is a warm gun”, “helter skelter” or “a day in the life”, the universe will explode!

Great arrangement! What strings are you using to make youre classical sound like a steal string acoustic?!


coming from a man this might sound funny, but i want this guy to play at my wedding.

while igor’s guitar gently weeps , igor makes awsome music . ;(

@prinnybaal1990 I think endlessyoutube still works.

how do u repeat video over and over again? I want it as my ambient music!

I am breathless… !! Amazing!

he was born with this guitar in his hands

he has born with a little guitar in his hands

i dont get why 14 people disliked this. Is it the mustache?

pause then pres 8

love the face he makes at 1:15 LOL win

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