Weird 1960s guitar

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Weird 1960s guitar

Image by Tuuur
I bought this guitar for 100 guilders back in the 1980s.
There are no marks on the guitar, no brand, no type only &quotJAPAN&quot on the neckplate.
It looks close to the Kawai guitars on this internet site, but still is somewhat distinct. There are two holes on the front of the headstock exactly where a skewed plate was attached, judging diverse coloring in the lacquer.

If you know what brand or model it is, please let me know!

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I had two very similar Kay guitars in the early 80s. One like this with a springy trem and a single pickup model. Maybe worth checking out, could be same guitar from same factory under a different name.

Good luck.

Thanks cadd!
Yesterday we found out that originally this was a single pick-up guitar. The bridge pick-up is different, looks newer; and the metal scratchplate has been cut out to accomodate it.
The switch has to be added later as wel. It has to go, because it gets in the way when I strum.

I sold the single pickup version to someone at school who removed the pickup, put in a strat style single coil and sprayed the guitar black. It was my first electric guitar, wonder where it is now :-)

The tailpiece looks like a Teisco whammy-bar tailpiece, once the cover is removed/lost, and the neck pick-up looks right too. But I’m unable to find the exact bodyshape in any of the catalogues I have, so it may be third-party hardware on a different manufacturer’s guitar. I have a similar problem with a guitar of mine.

Looks like a Kingston guitar.

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I have a very similar guitar to this one. Mine appears to have the same neck with the angled string bar near the nut. It also has the same bridge and vibrato tailpiece, but the pickups are different.
Will post some pictures soon.

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