Wanted dead or alive Acoustic

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Play Wanted dead or alive on acoustic guitar. I don’t have tabs & I hate tabs…….Just watch Richie’s live a lot of several times and only “Richie Sambora Interactive Guitar”
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Awesome bit of Guitar playing!

Hi I’ve only been playing for 12 months and recently began to learn Wanted – this video is truly inspirational keep playing mate, this is wicked (wicked being very good) !

Daaaaaaym that good

Great job! Keep up the covers.

too cool man

what guitar is that?

nuff respect

@born3war it’s a Takamine EG341C.
considering getting one myself.

unreal good!! always makes me think of deadliest catch!!!!

that was beautiful

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! this dude is amazing

what model its your guitar???

this song makes me seriously want to learn how to play guitar…

grande cena men

very nice dude

OMG…..You have the Paisley Strat.

Lindo, muito lindo.

BA all i got to say

guitar model name please?

You rock dude ! really ;)

:D estrói hein

very nice! I like Bon Jovi ;)


I hate you

I expected Bon Jovi to have a fancier bedroom.

dude how does your acoustic guitar sound electric al last…. plz temme…?

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