Volare – Dean Martin

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This is from:”The Greatest Hits of Dean Martin”. The song is “Volare”
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Is that luciano pavarotti singing at 1:14, Or just dean doing a deep voice thing?

The perfect song to play when you dive to the bottom of a lake to retrieve a 200-year-old bomber for a gang of gun nuts.

If only i could go back to these days…

@Jalen633 Some? damn near all the side quests are named after a song, with some exceptions. ( sorry if this came as angry, it isn’t.)

Dean the best i love to listen to his music, and i watched almost all his movies with JL One boy one girl memories are made of this thancks Dean RIP

I am 54 next week, I have been a roadie for loads of famous bands, but
whenever I hear Deano, or Frank, or Sammie, I am reminded of just how
much talent they had, no Auto-tune for these true vocalists, Cowell, fuck off!

I just now noticed that some of the missions in FNV are names of songs, makes me want to play it again. though I do feel stupid :/

@THENERDHUNTER1 You, young man, are saying very silly things. I’m 89 years old, have sixteen great-grandchildren, three of whom are 13. Two of those three absolutely adore Dean Martin, and I’d be willing to wager that either one of them could kick your insolent ass from here to Venice.

i love this song it isnpire me to believe in dreams of love to come true.

lol this is quest name to get the boomers on ur team on FNV



e volavo volavo venice piùnalte del sole colculo più sù….stupendo!

@IAMA1337NINJA Sherlock is that you? (-.-) It’s all about thumbs these days :@

i m 14,i m from Zadar,small Croatian town in Adriacit coast,and my family was from Italia,and there is many 14-year old’s who listen to Dean,Sinatra,and other LEGENDS,no some gay beiber,and rihanna.

@THENERDHUNTER1 You’re stupid

I’m not even born yet, and I totally resonate with this amazing love-being!! ps, I’m hangin with “him” out here….. in heaven!

@techn1ne Actually, people do care about age. I am 22 and people find it strange when I say I listening to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy davis Jr. ect. But when I say that, I don’t care what they think or say. I just love to listening to good music. Most of today music is just really awfull and if you say that like to listening to old(er) music, than you show that you are not afraid to be judged at.

@Desiree2006 I will fly, oh oh i will sing oh oh oh oh. I thing in a dream don’t return more, i dying the hands and the face in blue, and repentine come a fast wind, and just start to fly in the infinite sky. I’ll fly oh oh and i’ll sing oh oh oh oh in blue is dying in blue, is happy to stay in the high. Adn fly, fly fly, higer the sun aslo higer, meanwhen the world slowly disappear in far and a music sweet playing for me… :D enjoy it more now. Saludos de México.

I don’t speak Italian, so I have no idea what the hell he is saying, but it’s beautiful, LOL.

I’m only 2 months old, but I love Dean Martin

i wish my peers would listen to this stuff like me, over the top on 20 stuff. : /

Ciao belliiiii! Saluti da Napoli ! xD

Raffaele Cassandra

I was only born on Monday, but I already have a deep, inate appreciation of Italian-American music of the 1950s and 1960s. It is clear to me that the lyrical stylings of these are vastly superior to that my generation listen to. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? What’s that all about? It”s clear that I’m clearly a more intelligent, cultured and overall superior human being. I now expect praise from everyone who is doubtless going to be so charmed that I am so precocious and before my own time.

@IAMA1337NINJA 99 percent of justins views are people insulting him

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