Vinnie Moore(Great lesson on Modes)-part 1/3

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The VinMan demos’all the modes of the major scale.Off his 1989 Hotlicks video!! Plz rate and comment!

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@dirtydonki lol

this really helps. thanks Vinnie

@doctorpapaya no. he meant to record the notes onto magnetic audio tape. tape is an old-school medium for recording audio. back when this video came out, we had cassette tapes instead of cd’s and dvd’s. i’m assuming you’re not old enough to remember. no offense, i’m not bashing you..

@dirtydonki LoL!

@blackalbino360 never heard that one before! love it! cheers! :)

I Dont Punch Like Muhammad A Li

haha man … are you just playing or are you for real? cuz’ if you are, your stupidity really knows no boundaries.

@diamonddust22 Think he was being sarcastic. Go have a nice wank

@doctorpapaya You are truly a real fucking idiot, no question about it. Vinnie was that by putting things on tape, which was the way to record in 1989, you jack off. He said you put the various degrees of the scale on tape, to record it, so you can play the corresponding modes over top of the recorded chords. Are you fucking retarded or something. Open your fucking ears and listen, that is why you suck because you aren’t paying attention you dumb poser.

@diamonddust22 I’m an idiot? Vinnie’s the one telling people to write notes onto tape for some stupid reason. what a complete idiot who would do that, put tape all over your guitar, people were so stupid back then

@doctorpapaya idiot.

@jimmymarquez Vinnie only said that to sound cool, because he knows that most people getting into this stuff are too fucking stupid and lazy to do anything unless it’s cool or popular. Most rockstars have to do a bit of slumming to get through to stupid know it all kids who couldn’t give a shit.

I must have watched these videos 100 times and still never got what he was talking about. After learning the actual formulas for the modes, in relation to the formula for a major scale, i get it now.

what a ignorant, the names of the modes comes from the different tribes in Greece, this tribes or people that use to live back then in that part of the world had different ways of singing in different scales and notes intervals, this people were the Ionians, Dorians, Lydians, etc. that’s why.

he said “put the chords on tape” what did he mean, write them on tape and stick it on your guitar?

@doshus73 haha thats awesome! it kinda describes my playing as well lol

Vinnie should shoot a tutorial video on how to grow your hair for rock and roll.

I swear he sed the key of kfc major!!!


@sfischermilford yea

@dirtydonki you are awesome, yet my girl can handle a pineapple!

@xzero001 yeah man no problem. Thats the main idea in something called a chord progression (chords you play in a certain key). Even though they have names that differ from the key your in, the notes of each chords stay in agreement with the key signature. Theory is just one big puzzle man.

@reddawn82 thank you! i wasnt noticing this hehe! its true Dm and Em all play with major notes! =)

@xzero001 I think you’re a little confused. Dm and Em all fit in the C major key. They dont have sharps or flats! Play it on your instrument and youll see. Pm me if you have any questions; I think i can help!

hair is boof!

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