Vinne Moore with UFO Dean Guitars 2008 interview for Dean TV

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Vinne Moore with UFO Dean Guitars 2008 interview for Dean TV. Vinnie shows his new Dean Guitar the Vinman 2000 and his new Dean Pickup the Shredhead
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@jerwinrocks No? shit! lol He got one of his album names from being a douche!

@UnknownSect333 i admire yngwie. but he is an arrogant bastard?

@Aku666Torres chill out dude the fuck yngwie expression doesnt not mean what you think, i respect the man himself, nice solos and shred(eg-far beyond the sun)? just imagine this i got all the yngwie discography. so take it easy and about the donuts i dont like them at all- and for the brain-tard thanks i appreciate your gentleness, take care dude and the keep playing.

@mmim4 Yngwie is good, skill? wise. When it comes to music though, it all sounds the same.

@HeAd2tOeS1234 this is a joke? right….. RIGHT?!

@TheDimebag2004 You’re a fucking idiot? dude. Your view reflects your ignorance. There’s no need to say “Fuck Yngwie” or “Fuck [enter artist name here]“.. The truth is that though Malmsteen may not be the first shredder, he made it possible for other great artists, like Vinnie to play a close style of guitar in a mainstream musical society such as ours. Keep eating your donuts, cause you’re clearly a Brain-tard.

@mmim4 im not offending you, so dont do it again. if you like yngwie more than vinnie thats your opinion, and thats cool, i? didnt post my opinion to get answer from you or someone else. so keep it cool, take care.

@TheDimebag2004 your an idiot yngwie is the best neo? classical guitarist vinnie is great but yngwie is far better

it doesnt matter which guitar vinnie? should use, is the man himself that brings like to that piece of wood. fuck yngwie, vinnie rules, and also dimebag rules hellyeah. want some donuts jajajajajajajajaja.

@HeAd2tOeS1234 wtf? you compared a neoclassical guitarist to syn?? seriously wtf?

@guitarshredder2364 yeah but the difference is that ibanez never gives a signature series to anyone who deserves it, and? dean gives a sig to everyone that comes to them. XD

he seems moore like an ibanez guy to me
his dean still looks like and ibanez
ibanez is amazing
vinnie is amazing
nuff? said


You? sir are either A: a troll or B: you have absolutely no conception or understanding of skills when it comes to guitar playing.

@MrFluffay The Maze off of 1 of Vinnie’s solo albums “The Maze”? lol

@HeAd2tOeS1234 synester gate would slap you? for saying that.

the? song is: the maze


hes great but synester gate? is better sorry :


Vinman is the BEST!?

He’s an absolutely cool guy. Met him at? the Dallas Guitar show several years back, took pictures together and got autographed pic of him. Not only he’s a great guitarist but also he’s a down to earth cool person.

No one like him.?

Vinnie is a great musician but I’ve owned 3 Dean’s and went? back to Washburn.

who owns a ? Vinman2000? If so. I’d love to hear a review. thx

I wish I have one of Vinnie Moore’s? Guitar ^_^

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