Ulli’s Guitar Workshop Lesson 1 – Fingerstyle Basics

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The very first clip of the new workshop series. We start with left hand technique. Play slowly, precisely and with a minimum of pressure. Learn how to play fingerstyle guitar. Ulli Boegershausen’s fingerstyle guitar gorkshop Scores and TAB at www.boegershausen.com for free download

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@arifsaifullah yeah he is

Theres nothing better then being thaught by Mr Boegershausen.

@arifsaifullah yes he is… well more a mentor (like shunga said ) ^_^

good lessons subscribed.

The way this guy talks is very relaxing.

wow!really totally awesome!..

Thanks You VERY MUCH!!!

@arifsaifullah yes, yes, yes :D

pls someone tell me. isnt he sungha jung’s teacher?

., hope u can zoom it more so that i could see easily.,

Just would like to say thank you .

Hi i have found a easy way to learn Guitar

you have no idea how appreciative i am for your lessons. especially on the fact that you are doing it for free too. thank you a lot!

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate this. I’m sure that everyone else is grateful too.

vielen dank. deine lessons sind gro├čartig.

Cool! Lessons from Ulli! [:

denn er ein sehr gute lehrer ist, macht er auf englisch, es gibt mehr leute die englisch sprechen!!!

speak english bitch

Danke sehr!!!

I’m teaching myself the guitar and I get so frustrated because my left hand is always so cramped after I practice. I now realize I’ve been pressing down too hard! I’m now determined to watch every one of your videos :D

I really love this fingerstyle and have always wanted to learn to finger pick, so I’m gonna take the course :) Thank you!

I have just started on my first acoustic guitar and couldn’t believe myself to have found such useful lessons by a master here! Thank you so much Ulli!

you speak great english!

Weil er damit viel viel mehr Leute erreichen kann.

Thank you for giving us a moment of your time.

thank you for sharing

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