Ulli Boegershausen Kiss from a Rose (Cover – Seal)

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OUT NOW!! My new book „Personal Favorites”, scores and tabs 1. Kiss From a Rose (Henry Samuel) 2. Time After Time (Cindy Lauper/Rob Hyman) 3. Right Here Waiting For You (Richard Marx) 4. One of Us (Eric Bazilian) 5. Hit the Road Jack (Percy Mayfield) 6. Mad World (Roland Orzabal) 7. Secret Story (Ulli Bögershausen) 8. Back Home to You (Allan Taylor) 9. Rush Hour (Ulli Bögershausen) 10. Bärchen (Ulli Bögershausen) 11. Waltz (Ulli Bögershausen) 12. Manha do Carnaval/La Chanson D’Orphee/Black Orpheus (Luiz Bonfa/Antonio Maria) The book costs 22,90 € ( plus 3 € per shipment). www.boegershausen.com Ulli Bögershausen http plays Kiss from a Rose composed by Seal played on Lakewood Guitars filmed by Olaf Merker
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32 people didn’t get a kiss from a rose.

This guy is AMAZING! :D <3 I literally cried because it’s so beautiful ;o;

seriously…how can anyone not like this video?

simply amazing!

Fkin awesome. ..

check out my cover! I uploaded it an hour ago! ;)

Breathtakingly beautiful!

3:09 … this sounds so unrealistic perfect for 5 seconds …

Going to do this by ear so I don’t have to pay :p Even though it will take me awhile it would be worth it.

@sidghost999 See all comments>ctrl+F>my username> :P

He must’ve played with Seal when they released the album version of this song. FLAWLESS!

@sidghost999 And lost so much weight…

every note is played with love~simply amazing! ;D

uli thats really cool relaxing wow:)


Sure, just order it from his website – a little expensive since the value of our dollar is in the toilet, but not too bad. Mine should be here any day!

can i buy the score book in the us?

@sidghost999 It’s clapton, you…:)

@VoxTone2009 Without a doubt!!!

why cant guitar virtuosos have names i can pronounce?

@VoxTone2009 well really I don’t see much of a comparison between them, despite them both being skilled guitar players. Ulli has an extremely clean style that focuses on purity in tone whereas Igor is more vigorous puts a special fire in his music (though that isn’t to say that Ulli doesn’t have great emotional depth).

@SafariMuzic and i respect ur opinion! glad ur being honest :)

@SafariMuzic No offense to Igor, but I think Ulli is in a whole different league. My opinion.

@idriveabucket Same room….look at the curtains !!!

@idriveabucket must be a distant relative of God.

@Staff777 congrats i guess

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