Uli Jon Roth unveils the Dean Sky Guitar at NAMM

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Uli Jon Roth, acclaimed neo-classical guitarist and Elliott Dean, owner/ceo of Dean Guitars give an in-depth unveiling of the long awaited SKY GUITAR. See the entire interview and more on the Dean NAMM webcast replay. Feb 26-28 at www.deanguitars.com/webcast
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@DeanGuitarsVideos You’re losing potential profit by doing only 50.

Surely you could reconsider and make production of this a yearly thing. Just limit the production of it.

IT’S MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN I EVER IMAGINED! You have done what people dare to dream! *sky guitar starts flying away* ARGH! GET YOUR WINGS!

what pickups are in that guitar?

“Uli wasn’t comfortable with it being replicated” but then we offered him a shit load of money and exploited a perfect market opportunity to make ourselves a shit load of money as well.

@ForViewingOnly go to gear hound .com they have them there i believe

Much love to Uli, but why is he so obsessed with the sky? Everything that he’s named has had the word sky in it!

Uli sounded better with a strat …

10k for that guitar. It’s not that special

i want it

There are pickups in the fingerboard?!!!! WHOA!!

@ForViewingOnly i seen them on deans website for 10,000

I must admit, that guitar is a work of art!

that whammy bar is a fucking beast

has this guitar come out… or when will it

yes young boy listen to GOD i mean the god of neoclassical rock guitar playing Mr.ULI ROTH

See Dave Mustaine’s Rust In Peace guitar under Roth’s? that’s how it should be.

I’d like to see him in the flesh, to talk to him, would be like talking to god.

@AASStormcrow Street Guitars produced a limited run of 50 guitars and Uli Roth did give away his earlier Sky Guitars.

@schecterman123 Elliott Dean is the sole owner of Dean Guitars. Dean Zelinksy used to work for Elliott Dean.

I never knew the owner of Dean Guitars was that young, I always pictured him as some older guy. Nicely done by Dean though…they’re building an extremely impressive catalog of guitars.

Hello, where, and when will I be able to buy it?

@L0stH0riz0n21 Strange aas it may seem yngwie already has one, look the video here on youtube in wich they interview him at his studio, he has one lying on the floor

@DeanGuitarsVideos So once the 50 is up, that’s it?
You’ll never make anymore again? :-(

@L0stH0riz0n21 he has had one for a while.

bet you yngwie malmsteen bought one already

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