tutorial: “butterfly fly away” by miley cyrus guitar tab

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hey guys! =] here’s my guitar tutorial for miley cyrus’ song “butterfly fly away!” i hope you like it! =D i think the video explains fairly a lot every little thing… but if i missed some thing, just leave a comment and let me know so i can put it here in the description! and thanks so much for watching!! ^^

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This helped sooo much thank you!

thanks for uploading! this is the best tutorial ever, it really help a lot!
so.. keep posting! by the way, you are beautiful :)

thanks for uploading!! this is the best tutorial, keep posting u help a lot!!
by the way, you’re beautiful :)

The high part that show show at the the end is another guitar there is part one and part two… theres a hole tab for the other guitar… Thanks this tutorial helped sooo much!

AMAZING Tutorial!!!! Please keep posting more!!!!

you’re really good!, & this helped a lot:) keep posting more

Omg you’re so pretty!! Where did you get your cardigan?? :D Nice tutorial btw!

this is the best tutorial… thanks for carefully teach us the chords and show those on the screen… best tutorial so far.. hope I can learn more from your tutorial.. and make it better ^^…

Your song is so pretty as you !

can you explain the last note better please? :D

u r fking epic!~

it’s not like i want :|

This is amazing, you have no idea how much easier this was than all the other tutorials ! Thankyou

you have no idea how unbelievably helpful this is but with that little last bit at the end is there anyway you could do another one that is a bit slower cos i’m missing a few of the notes to make it sound complete. I can’t see your fingers, they move to fast aha

Thanks, I finally can play this song ;D

The answer from 3:40 : yaayayayaya !!!! :x

the last part is soooo soooo sooo hard!!! i cant move my fingers tht fast!!

cutie ;)

Can I request Moment Of truth by Secondhand Serenade

not dat gud a leson wasted my time 2 complecated :) soz u wer bril bu song 2 hard

best lesson i´ve ever seen
so many things to learn but by her is it so easy
how i said best torturial ever :D

and you have a verry good voice

@ElisandraWayne about 30′ :D

@AlexGrs00 how long time you needed ?

Please answer me this time and you were great!! WHERE DID U GET YOUR GUITAR??????

Thanks a ton for this! This is THE BEST tutorial ever! <33 This made the song extremely simple! Keep posting tutorials! Can you please post a tutorial for the song ‘Never Grow Up’ by Taylor Swift? Love from India <3

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