Trivium’s Corey Beaulieu Signature Dean Guitar

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Trivium’s Corey Bealiue and Dean Guitar Designer Josh Maloney talk about building Corey’s new signature CBV1122 Dean guitar.
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I want this guitar

@thejonman18 The problem I have with deans is the strength of the guitar, not the sound. My opinion has changed slightly since then, and I realize I over exaggerated the flimsiness, however, they could still be stronger.

@exacltywild It’s now nearly 7 years since Dimebag died, if i remember right, that’s a lot of time for a company like Dean to change.

@mrnobodyouknow How are Deans not good when you are touring and yet Dimebag used the same guitars over and over again and when they eventually broke he got it repaired and he kept using it and with Pantera being a heavy and crazy band live it shows that Deans and not that Fragile and are built to last

@mrnobodyouknow lol deans are not crap , i’ve got a dean vendetta 7 string wich is a cheap dean i got it for 300euro’s it’s got amazing craftmenship on it it’s nice and light good pickups even thought it’s not the most expensive model, just a really nice guitar to play with , i’ve played with ibanez and fender strat’s and the sound they produce doesn’t come close to the deans sound

@surgeyX it would be alright if it went to epiphone, coz dispite there reputation as cheap gibsons, they are good quality guitars.

There are rumors that Matt is also getting 7 string les pauls made for production model…I bet they’ll be even more than the 7 string explorer though lol…but who knows, may filter down into the Epiphone line for cheaper…I am really into 7 strings right now :)

@surgeyX yeah, the deans look good, i must say, especially the matt heafy ml, but i could buy my current favourite guitar (epiphone les paul 100[it's really good considering the price{and it's my first electric, so that might be why i like it so much}]) 7 times with $3500. And the LP is about twice as strong.

LOL! But even Mustaine uses dean…that’s gotta say something…I personally have never played one (Ibanez and Fender are what I own now) — but the Matt Heafy one looks awesome with the japanese flag explorer type 7 string…I guess they don’t make it anymore. Matt’s new gibson 7 string explorer — they want $3500 for it…what a joke…I mean it’s not a bad guitar, but theres in way in fuck it’s worth $3500

@surgeyX because deans are crap. they sound half decent but the strings last longer than the guitars. there very fragile, not good when you’re touring.

why did they leave dean…matt plays gibsons now and corey is all jackson imho

yeh he was like 19 wen they released acendency

badass guitar…

I wish they where still with Dean

hehehehehe, No, Candlemass is Doom Metal. Bathory, Burzum, Gorgoth and bands like that, from Sweeden, Norway are Black Metal sataninc shit. Candlemass is pure Doom Metal, which is awesome. Heavy, and very meningful lyrics. At the Gallows End, Solitude, Dark Are The Veils of Death, i reccoment these you listen to.

@jfkdjfd Candlemass is Black Metal isn’t it.

@minazmorgul yeah trivium was formed when they were 12

Trivium are an awesome band live. If you haven’t seen them, then you must…

@rawrkunjrawr he is, i zoned out and forgot to type that in

@rawrkunjrawr i thot corey was using a jackson again?

@jfkdjfd Corey used to use jackson, switched to dean, then switched back to jackson

@minazmorgul yuppers

Candlemass is amazing. if you think that Trivium is good, then Candlemass is better. Candlemass has the most darkly depressing beautiful lyrics “Sunrise i greet you, beauty isyour light, so warm and tender was never the night, In tears i see, you the last time it will be, so give me your blessing, i’ll meet my destiny”.

@jfkdjfd dude i highly recommend Trivium they seriously are fucking amazing!

well, i don’t care for Gibson, but okay, Jacksons are my favourite, so i may start to like tthem.

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