Trevor Gordon Hall – Pine Trees and Power Lines – (Guitar + Kalimba)

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@StarCraftSportsNet Go check out his other videos and see – Kalimbatar, That Old Familiar Pain, A Severe Mercy…

I can only wonder what he could do with tunings outside of Standard. If he can play like this in standard, just imagine what he could do under different tunings.

This is my shopping music

The first minute or so reminds me of pink floyd’s breathe in the air.

@austinha11 they didn’t like his singing voice. Great stuff!

my favorite part was 0:00 – 5:41

@austinha11 Possibly because they’ve had their brain amputated?

why the hell would someone dislike this?


Wow a fingerstyle acoustic player using standard tuning!

Amazing expression in your play…i’m really enjoying this !

3:20 is my most favorite part! But I love the rest a lot too.

This man is fucking good.

Just to let you guys know Trevor has been around for a while, finally great to see him getting some recognition for being a great guitarist!

@GarretsShadow dude, ur negativity is putting me to sleep.

@hulhula22 I like replying to trolls.

@DrakenGuardz Do you have to reply to everything I say? Enough. quit talking to me.

This is wonderful. I can only imagine me trying to play this song and my fingers getting into a windsor knot.

@hulhula22 Good. Now away!

great new CR artist, I hope there’s more of him to come… excellent song!

love the jazzy feel in the beginning

2:09- 3:30 is made of pure gold

i love the blend of percussion/ guitar/ kalimba… though, it sounded kinda sloppy in some places, still a great listen though.

@superdanlewis its a kalimba, and in answer to your question: 2:10

These Leo Kottke, Tuck Andress, Andy McKee clones are getting old.. Just like Shred in the 80s its over done.. with that said.. DUDE great job you put me to sleep.

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