This1smyne Effects Boss DD5 pedal Preset Mod

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This mod came about to provide flexibility to my favorite delay of all time. i found myself using the ‘dotted eighth’ for specific rhythms and wanting to shift to the normal 1/4 note delay for the solo or softer passages, and NOT wanting to bend down mid song (esp when i’m singing :( ) or when i’m singing going between the 12 and 10 settings for 3/4 time or 6/8. so check the video and hit me up if you’ve got any questions.
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shoot me an email at and we’ll see what we can work out
i can definitely mod nova pedals as well

I have a Nova Repeater…could you some how work that too? It doesn’t have the Nova Delay the presets but would be sweet if i could change settings in a flash!

@this1smyne well, i don’t really have a need for it at the moment :-P

the chicken-head knob i’m having you put on that switch will make it alot easier for me anyway… and i usually just stick with the dotted 8th tap 90% of the time

@BradSpead7 dude, i’ve still got yours here i can do this mod if you want ;)

dude! this mod is sick! wish i’d known about it when i had you redo mine :-P

maybe i’ll send it back sometime to have this done, lol

This is a really cool mod.

exactly. you set the internal trimmers to any of the 12 settings on the mode knob, and you can swap between them on a stomp. so 8 isn’t tied to the green channel, it can be on either, and any of the 12 can be on either :D makes it extremely flexible!

so wait you set the knob on the delay to 8 on the “green setting” and then hit the switch to the blue setting and move the dial to 9? or is it controlled internally from the 2 pots?

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