/ Dean Guitars Razorback V Normal Evaluation

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This video is presented by, featuring Rob Metz. Rob is demonstrating the tone, and playability of Dean Guitars new Dimebag Series Razorback V Standard.

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never liked marshalls they saund mushy

@Xaeldaren And also, the players technique is like 40 or 50 % of your tone.

i like the review:)

69 “likes” lawls

@tenaciousjp the new ones are awsome!

@gianniswildchild theres a guy selling one on ebay

hey there,im looking for a Dean V255 (the one with the EMG’s)if anyone has one for sale,contact me.i also trade my Bc Rich ironbird spalted maple with the dean V.Bc rich is in Mint condition with strap :D

Does this guitar come stock with a Original Floyd Rose? a crummy licensed one?

jesus, marshall amps suck so bad. u jus pay for the name

Randall FTW….

@Xaeldaren alot of ppl also forget that 30% as well. guitar scale, for instance, is crucial.

@Playinmeguitar dude get the edwards~ its way better

@metalmastuh88 , I wanna trade my Dean for a alexi-600

only if this had and original floyd, neck thru construction, and another seymour duncan pick up, then id get it but other wise, jackson kicks deans ass

hes not the greatest reader lawll

i love the dean razorback v but i was paying more attention to the marshall the guy was using than to his playing and talking for half the video he just talks

he looks like hes come out of zorro…

Trust me, your Alexi 600 is better than this guitar.

The sound is not that good in this video but trust me this guitar can totally soun better!!!!!!! And also this guitar is beautiful!


holly shhiiiiit

robots are not to be trusted

i want to trade my alexi-600 for one of these soooo bad!

guys, hes playing a bad cheap amp. and what he hears wont come through on YOUTUBE’S rendering…

Ouch that guy made it sound sooo bad Arrrgh

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