Theirry Henry Standing Ovation vs Arsenal @ Emirates Cup

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Theirry Henry Standing Ovation vs Arsenal @ Emirates Cup

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best in football 226 goals he is beast yeh

amasing guy

look at gerviniho carefully and see how starstuck he was after henry shook his hand loool bless him! 1:20

1:23 Song LOL

I was there:)

i’ll give anything to be here.

@DutchNoScOp3R he new they were becoming shit

Why did he leave arsenal?

Best thing about being Gunner, BIG respect for previous brilliance!

The moment Eduardo scored last season for Shakhtar Donetsk when they were playing against us at the Emirates in the CL and EVERYONE stood up and gave a round of applause!

Sums up the spirit of a Gooner. :)

i was smiling during the entire video! :)

its the loudest ovation i ever heard

@d4ruler its half phlem lol

YOU ARE MY IDOL! FOREVER GUNNER HENRY! <33333333333333333333

makes me wanna cry.. no homo I love this player since god gave me my eyes.
God bless T.Henry

Henry is the best


@d4ruler its dutch u dumb fuck.

@d4ruler – isn’t it Dutch?!

@d4ruler What? It’s just normal dutch you nut

Two players at the front…. True Gunners!

why is henry at some shitty usa club

i was here at the emirates cup and im a united supporter lol

henry van persie…. WOW

that was the best day in my life
i was there and it was amazing for me to see henry playing ?

i like how people has still respect for him!

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