The Typewriter Leroy Anderson Martin Breinschmid with Strauß Festival Orchestra Vienna

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Viennese Percussionist Martin Breinschmid with his version of the “Typewriter” Live at the BASF concert hall Ludwigshafen,Germany 2008,Strauß Festival Orchestra Vienna

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For another fun version, search “Freeze Dried Typewriter”!

I misread “Viennese percussionist” as “Vietnamese percussionist”!

Fantastic! I first heard the tune via the Jerry Lewis bit.. and I then heard an orchestral version sometime in the ’90s. This is the first time I’ve seen it actually performed. Thanks a Heap! for posting it :)

I want to have the written text

Cool! The first one I’ve seen that’s at the right tempo!

It’s nice to see his music taken seriously. It was fun; some of it was also deep like “Forgotten Dreams”.


@AvePrime Debería haber sonado 5 veces, en la tercera no suena, quizás porque no le da lo suficientemente fuerte o por el ritmo tan rápido de tocarla.

I love Leroy Anderson! This guy was a genius! Hahaha I just wish someone would post a video of the choir version of buglers holiday. Were doing it in my chorus class at school and I love it :) it’s going to be difficult to learn though.

thank you 1950′s! Your decade has the very best collection of songs.

“We present The News Quiz, with your chairman Simon Hoggart!”

no one knows Jerry Lewis today?… damn i’m getting old…

what he’s typing:
lololololololololololololololololololololololololo lolololol lolololo lololololololololololololol — ding

I heard this piece live many years ago and could never forget it. So creative and soooo funny!
Thanks for posting it.


I saw this on Mary and Max. Epic use of a typewriter

Desconozco la partitura. Al final parece que falla en tocar la tecla de campana, es un fallo o es intencional?… no soy quisquilloso solo curioso.
I dont know the sheet music of this piece, anybody can say me if the missing bell at ~ 1:46 its intencional? or just a mistake


that is Rhythm Heaven..

Why is mr bean on the featured list?

This was in a animation show in rhodes :D

20 people never saw a typewriter… ?

Music is “The Typewriter” by Leroy Anderson (June 29, 1908 – May 18, 1975).

This somehow made me laugh

@joe133322 Here’s your host, saaaaaandy toksviggg!!!

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