(The Sound Of Music) My Favorite Things – Sungha Jung

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Sungha www.sunghajung.com played ‘My Favorite Things’ arranged by Tanaka Akihiro.

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fck i need to learn this song.. it’ll probably take me forever though to even be close to how sungha plays it.. the notes are so clean even on the fast parts

u look just like closing ur eyes

One day i’ll play this awesome arrangement… =D

Well THAT was unexpected. I mess around with tunes too, but this is a first that I’ve seen of out-and-out making it his.

Damn it! I just cried while watching this. This is just BEAUTIFULLLLL!!

Very good rendition of the song! He’s doing a great job and definitely improves with age.

at 3:07 his pinky looks like a noodle…

his shirt started to sparkle, or glow… is he god? is he vampire? anyway, still not gay as justin beiber and twilight

3:02 – 3:14 … wtf -.- ahhaha amazing

OMG!!1!!! YOU IS L

shirt effect!:)

this is so beautiful you become the music when you play and your talent is beaautiful <3

gosh, thank you so much for sharing the sounds of your guitar. I daresay this is absolutely breathtaking. Play on, sungha jung!

his notes just melt into each other, its so beautiful.

I’ve watched everyone of Sungha’s vids he has posted on Youtube. It covers several years and I think he gets better with each and every one. Good job

wow! ur really are amazing!!! :) )


Please,I´m looking for the tabs of this great cover!!!!If anybody would have it,please write me!!

Who got the tabs pleease?

Does anyone think this arrangement is somehow sullen? It almost sounds sad compared to the original song from The Sound of Music.

anybody have the tabs for this crazy guitar sex?

god i miss old YouTube..put up any video we want no restrictions or copyrights… ratings no likes no ads(that was the best part i must say). those were the best time for youtube. god

@silonthunder25 YES I KNOW RIGHT. My guitar teacher is crap. I just look at the notes, learn a couple, then say fuck it, I’ll learn it by ear. My teacher doesn’t care… It actually works!

???? I love sungha Jung! ?

Hey ,
im a fingerstyle guitarist with a years experience (:. recently i have tried some of Sunghas arrangements! check them out and help me out?
anyone who takes a look at a video of mine is much appreciated (:

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