The Reason You Should Buy an Acoustic Electric Guitar

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The Reason You Should Buy an Acoustic Electric Guitar

If you are in the market for a new guitar there are quite few things that you will need to take into consideration. What type of guitar are you looking for? Both acoustic and electric guitars can offer different sounds and features. What is the purpose of the guitar? Acoustic and electric guitars product very different music, so this is an important thing to consider. Will you be recording or performing at live shows? Acoustic and electric guitars are both easily portable and could serve this purpose. No matter what the reason is for the use of the guitar, if you play an acoustic guitar you may want to look into purchasing an electric acoustic guitar.

Acoustic electric guitars incorporate everything that an acoustic guitar player requires with the added function of being able to be plugged in and played through an amplifier like an electric guitar. That’s right, played through an amplifier and still keeping the warm crisp sound that is created only by an acoustic guitar. This is achieved by including an electromagnetic pickup on the body of the acoustic guitar like the one ones that are used on electric guitars. These are sometimes placed inside the body of the guitar or placed under the bridge. These electromagnetic pickups use the vibration from the strings of the guitar to create the amplified sound that is heard. More commonly used are pickups that use the electric signal and the natural sound that is created with the natural movement of the strings and the natural sound created within the hallow part of the guitar.

A plus of an acoustic electric guitar is that you can play for much larger audiences than you could with a standard acoustic guitar. Being able to plug it into an amplifier gives you total control of the volume of the instrument. So, even if you are playing for a large crowd and have very soft parts in the song that you are playing, you are able to turn up the instrument so that everyone is still able to enjoy the performance. When used in recording sessions, it gives the guitar player a lot of control over what is going on. The total control of the instrument does not have to be controlled by the recording engineer because the acoustic guitar is recording through a microphone. You are able to plug your acoustic electric guitar directly into the mixing console or amplifier and control the instrument yourself.

Other benefits of owning acoustic electric guitars are that they are very flexible instruments. It does not always have to be plugged in to be played. It really still is an acoustic guitar, and can be played as one. Being able to switch it to an electric guitar has its advantages. It can become a hybrid guitar and play natural acoustic sounds that are mixed with effects that are more commonly played with an electric guitar. And then, you can just rock out and play it like an electric guitar.

So, if you are an acoustic guitar player, or an electric guitar player, an electric acoustic guitar gives you the unique opportunity to combine the best of both worlds in one instrument. Whether you need to play for a large audience or a small group of people, an electric acoustic guitar is great for either occasion, and all you need is one guitar to get both jobs done. Just watch some of your favorite bands perform, I’m sure that you will be able to spot an electric acoustic guitar on stage.

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