The Pedal Riser

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New Pedal Risers raise individual pedals for easy access and provide cable routing without expensive investment in new boards or cases. Most pedalboards have only one level and therefore require an awkward tap dance to access the second row of pedals without stomping on others accidentally. Pedal Risers solve this problem by enabling the user to elevate specific pedals for easy access. In addition, each Pedal Riser has cable-routing features that solve the age-old problem of messy cables all over the board. Features: – Raises the second row of pedals to the perfect height. – Cable routing eliminates tangled mess. – Premium 18-gauge steel. – Attaches to both board and pedal via heavy duty hook-and-loop fastener. – Two Pedal Risers can be used to support larger pedals. – Works with most pedalboards. Available now at PATENT PENDING
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what about power supply?

they have these at sam ash

they’re available at most online stores (Zzounds, etc) and also they have a list of retailers on their site – just Google pedal riser

For those of use who DON’T want our boards at an angle, a godsend! But I echo the “where to buy” query as well as wondering what board (and case) was used in this video – are both products on the website? I can go look for myself, of course, but a little info would’ve been nice;)

ok so where do you buy these?

Man very cool I like that ideal

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