The Muppet Show with Steve Martin – Dueling Banjos

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steve martin plays with the muppets jug band after the show is cancelled
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i had no idea steve martin even played banjo. woo! :D

Oh god… Deliverance…. *weeps* WHY?! I was hoping for something else T-T

Ten minutes ago I was watching Ducati motorcycle reviews……how the hell did I end up here?

my foot started tapping. thats how great this is! oh how i love the muppets. :)

Its toetappingly tragic

1:03 Kermit’s clapping is so cute!

8 people would rather squeal like a pig.

8 people would rather squeal like a pig.

I love Kermits dancing

Loved this show so much growing up

and then they got raped.

Steve Martin Vs. Kermit, that would’ve been interesting

Which came out first? This or Deliverance?

I knew he’d fall for it.

The actual name of the song is Appalachian Breakdown I think but it’s more commonly referred to as Dueling Banjos

Steve is amazing, and I think everyone should seriously give his The Crow album and his new one, Rare Bird Alert, a listen. In this video though, he’s not playing his old 1927 Gibson Florentine archtop.

Without the Muppets I never would’ve known Steve Martin could rock a banjo like that!

I love banjo man.

I never knew Steve Martin could play the banjo!

i really want a guitar like the muppet has no strings! id be a pro from the very begining!

Nice! But check this out: tinyurl .com /3jfasvb
Remove the spaces! ;)

Steve Martin is still the great!! Thanks from Germany!

@hornstra1 What the hell are you talking about?

@dunbar9finger A real genius amongst us. Dunbar9, when you reacted on this vid, where was yer 8finger?

The muppets are are left-handed because the puppeteer is right-handed. (The puppeteer puts the dominant hand inside the puppet to operate the body and move the mouth, leaving the other hand to move the stick manipulating the hand.)

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