The Maine- Kennedy Brock, Growing Up Guitar Lesson

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Kennedy Brock from the maine teaches you how to play their new song Growing Up, from the new album Black & White In stores July 13th 2010
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he sort of looks like a younger version of dr house :)
great lesson!

this is like a different side of them: the teacher side haha

I think u meant cadd9 but good song good lesson

One person did not like this video, that person must be jealous that his/her favourite artist won’t take the time to do this.

lol, i did not know how to play the guitar at first but this teaches me how to! thanks the maine <3

“so uhh here’s growing up all the way thru”

“orrrr almost” lol! could he be any more cute?

Kennedy, I love you. It’s awesome that you took the time to teach us how to play this song :)

I LOVE THE MAINE! They teach us to play the guitar! They rock this world! Love it! Love them! Love their songs!

The Maine rocks! They teach us to play their songs! LOVE IT! LOVE THEM!

Why is he so beautiful? I just can’t comprehend.

@InspiringInstrument haha true,they do! :)

@pierrelevtchenko They go well together, ;]. First 2 chords my dad taught me when i started learning guitar, :]

you guys are really into g and c haha

Hooooh My GOSH! u r way to hot for your own good! :)

Kennedy. I love you.

@MargoPix i’m not sure but i think it’s down down up up down up

gracias eres muen tutor exelente ya la se tocar com mi guitarra, desde venezuela.

Dear Kennedy,
Love the pedostache.
Not gonna lie,
you make ‘rapist’ look good. :)

Can somebody help me with the strumming pattern?? I’m not good at finding those :P

teach also the chords for saving grace…:D

@mxbourguignon from G, you move just you’re 4th finger to the 3rd string on the 4th fret. then put your 4th finger back, and move your 1st finger to the 3rd string on the SECOND fret, and then into C… Did that even help at all? :P Sorry I’m not good at explaining things

@MusicNikkiDance 3rd string 4th fret, then 3rd string 2nd fret :)

omg, no dislikes, like <3

@tinalikeysalsa ahahahah i had to read this like 10 times to actually get it haha

@mxbourguignon me either. Dx

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