The Last of the Mohicans – The Gael (Acoustic Guitar Version)

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The Last of the Mohicans (Acoustic Guitar Version) Thank you all for your support and comments.

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very awesome, really! Please can I have the score?

süper olmu? karde? eline sa?l?k

8 deaf people watched this…

awesome job, really sweet…Can you please upload or share a link of the tabs for the solo part? the part you started playing in the down right corner from around 1.13?


very awsome job

@WolfpackPSA Thanks!!! I’m so flattered!

i freakin signed up for youtube just to like this video…damn dude…n AMAZING job

AWESOME (Like barney will say… XD)

I have the strange urge to go running through the forest whether to flee from danger or venture out into the world. This brings a tear to my eye and a wish for you to continue playing this piece a little while longer (2 minutes), since now I have the unhealthy obsession in pressing the Replay button. (:D)

@hubertbanan OK,OK,ok…. for those who don’t know what he said, he said: ‘Awesome !! Goddamn Awesome!!!!!

holy shit. thats not good………it’s awesome!

whats the tab for the kiss?

@Lorten1986 Standard tuning.

What is your guitar tuned to.

zajebiste !! pi?kne wykonanie!!!!!

where can i get the tabs

That is really good guitar playing, pretty simple song but you still make it awesome!

Great work!

Very very good! Muy Bueno!! awesome.. Nice..

Made me cry!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

fucking genius

absolutely fantastic… this song was the only reason i watched the movie… i might remix this acoustic version … u have created magic my friend

Great Great Great version :) enjoyed listening to it!

awesome version guy! this is really brilliant!!!

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