The Epiphone Les Paul Standard

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The Epiphone Les Paul Standard
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i am going to buy this guitar!

I am going to buy this guitar from thomman its a great guitar!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, just bought it!! Great guitar (for beginner as me)

Is the balance better on a strat or les paul?

great play. can you tell me if you had standard pickups and what amp/pedal were you using please. thanks.

great vid. can you tell me please waht amp/pedal were you using please. this sounds incredibly good. thanks

Nice sound. I wonder why no one records himself playing ska on les pauls. If you know ska stuff i would be very thankful to you if you do some ska rhythms.

i love the Epiphone Les Paul Standard

@rickyfalcon I picked my last week and its a 2001 but it looks new

im going to buy one!

Just picked up the same guitar, mines a 2005, awesome guitar!


picking up my epi les paul standard tomorrow at noon, I’ve been punching air all night !! love it

Great guitar for the price…

Finally someone whos on youtube and not giving epiphone a bad name

@agu004 Standard

Epiphone Traditional Pro or Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

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