The Dells – Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation

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“The Dells – Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation”

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If you young boys can relate to this song and you know that you have a good woman call her ,reach out to her and let her know how much that you appreciate her. The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence, trust me I know.

to all the soldadas out there forgive him and tell him you love him because i can;t tell my man anymore his resting in peace i miss him everyday of my life i wish he was here to tell him how much i love him bit its not possible if you can;t at least try so you both can live a better lives and in p eace thats the only way you will make it love him don’t hate him no ones perfect just rthe lord is

What happened to music that carried a mesage, made you stop and reflect of how life was. Now all we hear in todays R&B is disrespect your woman, treat her as if she doesn’t have any dignity. I say bring back old school R&B, maybe it would make a better world.

Doesn’t this music make you feel so alive!

TODAY’s so-called “music” or better said, TRASH, has no merit, no meaning and no emotions. NOBODY and no future era will never match the 70′s….NEVER!

2 idiots never gave their baby a standing ovation……sad

1973 music rocked!!!!!

@scoob1993 YOU got that right!!!!!!!!!

Oh how I love this song .I dance with my childhood sweetheart to this. Never forgot just like it was yesterday.

we all no dat OLDIES,will always be #1dats if u no ur music,in this song it reminds me of dis woman i once had,n i can say dis dat no matter how long ago it was wen i c her dat 1 paticular feeling comes bac,a beautiful feeling,n i can last at least say we our still friends,which means alot cuz most people arent able to do dat,but i can say i gave her a STANDING OVATION,for da loved we shared n da love we endured,along da way….2.PRETTYBOY-Y-CHATA3 (405zFINEST)

Question 4 any 1. is there really a song called nights like this i wish raindrops will fall by the five heartbeats or what.

God Bless you Loren what a Beautiful comment about your true Love Darlene!I’m sure she smiles with joy every time she reads it! I smiled when I read it and I don’t even know you…but I know your Spirit Brother!

I want to give my baby Darlene Jackson this standing ovation. She sure was the delight in my life ! I’ll always cherish the love we shared in the short span of 39 years. I miss you so much baby.. March,11,1958 ~ June,1,2011. Loren~n~Darlene 4 I’ver !!!

really the dells is the five heartbeats

I’ve been married for over fifteen years, and this song just reminds me of all the good things that my wife have done for me down through the years. With that said, she deserves a standing ovation. Great song! One of my, all time favorites.

I used to put this record on, turn to my girl friend and start clapping. We would both laugh – but you know, – I wasnt kidding.

im only 21 and i love it mama always said i have a old soul and i see why good music like this! :-)

man it dont get no better than this

@cwartis And that’s very dissappointing.

A salute to all of the women out there!


just shopping was the Dramatics

my favorite song by da dells next to just shoping


They don’t write songs like this anymore.

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