The Beatles – A Tough Day’s Night – Straightforward Acoustic Songs on Guitar – How to Play – Tutorial

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Free of charge chord and scale book

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Thanks Marty. You are the best! You never assume that the learner knows as much as you do and are willing to break things down so that they are easy to follow. I’m learning so much due to your instruction. Keep those Beatles songs coming…!

I love easy songs that everybody knows and can sing along with. Thank you so much! You should sell PDF’s with the songs written out at $1 each you would make a killing off free videos. Thanks.

Hey Marty you’re an excellent teacher. Can you teach us till’ there was you by the beatles next time.thanks!

Wow i love this lesson…right on!!!

@LinkVink I’m gonna stick with Fadd9 you know why? Because that’s the chord John and George actually played. Your chord ‘chings’ as well. Not bad. :) )

@MarkRigor17 that’s possible, but I think you should use 353533, it’s a barchord, but it’s awesome

Dude Marty i swear u could make your guitar talk if you wanted to.

Always appreciate your lesson, Marty!

what about blackbird by the beatles?

What’s the first chord in the song?

@clearspot747 Play Fadd9. xx3213. CHING!

@jlewis0706: You already know the A, E, and Em chord fingerings. Use your index finger to hold down all the strings across each fret. Just strum all the strings at each fret until you build up enough strength to let them ring clearly. Then figure out the fingerings for the E, A and Am chords with your other three fingers, and there you go.

Act Naturally?

so what about the opening chord then????? missed out deliberately methinks

Ahahaha!!! I’m gonna play this song to my friend Tabitha! She loves The Beatles!!!! I haven’t seen all of your videos, so if you haven’t already, can you do Beautiful Soul by Jesse Mcarteny? It’d mean a lot to me :)

More Oasis!!!!!!!!!!

Marty Oh Please! Teach Us How To Play.. While My Guitar Gently Weeps! Thanks.!

Double sound…after that…can you please stop the bar chords on easy or at least explain how to start learing them?

Please teach Huamity by Scorpions:D

awesome teaching video, Would you please teach Sammy Johns song Chevy Van? It would make me very very happy. Thanks in advance.

thank you marty! i love this song! and the movie :D

Can you please do a days go by Keith urban video Your the man Marty!

I apreciate you let this video not to be so HD, they take so long to download. This is better.


man i suck at guitar :(

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