The Andertons “XMAS EXTREME” Live Show – Featuring Ibanez, ESP, Gibson & Chapman

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The Andertons “XMAS EXTREME” Live Show *Warning this live show contains bad/adult language* Contains: Humor, Sarcasm, Elves, Santa, Red Bull, Coffee and!!! Gibson Zakk Wylde Veewee, Ibanez Prestige, Chapman Guitars ML1, ESP LTD and much more! Chapman Guitars Monkey Lord Forum Monkey Lord Store Place yourself on the Monkey Lord Minion Map Twitter Facebook: Longest Music Video On Youtube Ever
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@UltiMogr Not without it being mic’ed up.


is the cube 40 loud enough to play along with drums?

@guitarguy1387 I am dissapoint.

@Jacko11120 i think it was a line 6 spider, not sure though

It’s not a ZR, it’s an edge zero

What was that mystery amp that you bought?

It’s like a RobChappers film.

fuck That Ibanez sounded fucking beast

This video has the dubious honor of being the first YouTube video that had me pause it 3 times to take a toilet break.

PS. About the cable test: Sure, not many people would take a hammer to one, but you do step on them quite a lot, especially if you gig. That should have about the same effect.


That… Would be awesome. Just a wig, with implemented strap ends, so it looks like it is attached to your hair.

Because I also always smash my cables with a hammer.q

what’s the song at 2:05:58 called?

Was it Malmstien at that session?

@2003jackb It is my 3 time now :D

The Andertons and Rob canĀ“t you make a summer special 2011 ? Please

Thanks alot

the track at 0:35:00 is ties that bind by alter bridge

“Give the amp away to someone you don’t like”… HAHAHA!!!

sooooooooo….. what do i do now this is over??? OH i know, i shall go play some win!

2:44:00 at least its a stcker, my guitar has it printed along the serial number -.-

That looks like the brantano’s logo

You know when you finally realise that Lee isnt the boring one (like the way it seems), and he is actually easily as mental as chappers …

hello we are hohoho’s. lol

23:00 fuck yeah clutch!

i would take ibanez. just because of the edge zero :D

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