Tenacious D – Wonderboy live (HD)

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Tenacious D – Wonderboy live Lead vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar: JB – Jack Black Lead acoustic guitar, backing vocals: KG – Kyle Gass From The Complete Masterworks two
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troll face at 0:21 ! damn i love the D !!!

rigga googooo rigaa gooo goo!!

9 people need to get flicked by JB

In whatever Music game that you can sing, have: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert … And should put a “JB mode”
This Guy Sing like an Angel.. Tenacious D 4ever !

lissenin to these guys gimme goosebumps

9 People will get hit by a 200 yards away with mind bullets

@killleer1 a knee?

What is that hump on Kyle’s leg?

Justin Bieber makes no honour for the name JB… He should get hit by mind bullets

thanks for makein the awsome song about me


Rock on Tenacious D!!!!

this song is fucking magic and beautiful…?J.B?

@DerFunkyMusic Problems of life, there saying there goal is to take us away from all that with there music

Whats a Mucky Muck?

I love the way they use the same exact guitars at the same volume when they play live.

i culd nt b on dat stage…id pee my pants laughing

@mesi313 You bet ^^

@Saudros Or Orgasm

Youtube should have an option like “I fuckin love it” xD

Youtube should have a option like “I fuckin love it” xD

That little solo is beautiful.

esta cancion tiene todo el poder..jack black?

wheres the noise like in the begging its like a whizzle

Come back & tour Melbourne, Australia. again
You fat bastards… & look me up while ya there, i’ll play ya ya fuckin kickin tunes
Regards Frase 2nd row Festering Hall Melbourne (lost 1st row cos i needed a piss)

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