Tenacious D – The Metal live (HD)

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Tenacious D – The Metal live Lead vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar: JB – Jack Black Lead acoustic guitar, backing vocals: KG – Kyle Gass Drums: Colonel Sanders – Brooks Wackerman Bass, backing vocals: Charlie Chaplin – John Spiker Electric guitar: Antichrist – John Konesky Metal: Lee – Jason “JR” Reed From The Complete Masterworks 2

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the d just deafeted the metal!!!
long live the d!!!!

57 people have no music taste

They should have put a face mask on the armor. It’s not that the dude in it is bad looking, but seeing his face kinda ruins it a little.

@NoTaRaSoZZy eu :) , you can add me if you want : Olle The Awesome

57 people thought they could kill metal….but they failed as they were striken down to the ground…….all of them ;-)

@GuyOfAwsomeAwsomenes hahahahahaha.which lol do you play?america or europe?

unfortunately, justin bieber (in the mind of some people), he can beat the devil :(

dude, when they sang the quiet part……oooooo *shivers* it gave me goose bumps.

also known as Ormagöden


@luigi0330 oh yeah. he is.

Lee. ;)

in soviet russia metal kills you

Wow, JB is a lot more agile than I thought.

@luigi0330 lee :)


hey look itz chuck norris brother

… jack black.. xDDDDD

@luigi0330 The pizza guy from the movie is actually Lee.

I wanna be able to dance like the metal


That Metal thing just destroyed the metal -.-

now all we need is for the metal to kill justin beiber

wow i did not know jack black could do that mutch he makes fluffy people look good

I love the metals heavy metal dance !

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