Tenacious D – Sasquatch live (HD)

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Tenacious D – Papagenu (He’s My Sassafrass) + Sasquatch live Lead vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar: JB – Jack Black Lead acoustic guitar, backing vocals: KG – Kyle Gass Drums: Colonel Sanders – Brooks Wackerman Bass, backing vocals: Charlie Chaplin – John Spiker Electric guitar: Antichrist – John Konesky Mushroom: Lee – Jason “JR” Reed From The Complete Masterworks 2
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That mushroom in the backgrond made me die xD freaking genius

@LSD0Moon That part made me so sad

this halloween i’m going to be a magic mushroom and run around my school like that

the mushroom looks more lie rice cakes.just saying

@Ucraniroke recorder

awsomeshroom is awesome! :D

@TheOrgi69 gibson elvis presley dove

what guitar are jb and kg using?

@guitarfan1231 his name is anti christ and I WANT ONE TOOOO!!!!

@Ucraniroke lol that’s not a flute

@guitarfan1231 B.C. Rich mockingbird


@guitarfan1231 bc rich

KG is so fucking good , than he can do solo’s with flute xDD

I have the same shirt as JB. Cool. I have heard of this band before, and this is my first time actually listening to them. They are the best. They can rock.

what guitar is jesus using in this??? I want it!!!

no one is as talented as JB
be the way JB is Jack Black got that Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers?!?!?!

@EnemyOfThePlagueEOTP wat.

@golluba It;s not a flute, it’s a recorder.

13 people haven’t eaten mushrooms!

sickest flute solo ever

DonĀ“t look here !
Look at the vid ! :X

@aZianPride341 dont even say that fowl language around this video

`jesus christ man thath anti-christ rocks as hell/heaven’ lol

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