Tenacious D – Kickapoo live (HD)

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Tenacious D – Kickapoo live Lead vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar: JB – Jack Black Lead acoustic guitar, backing vocals: KG – Kyle Gass Drums: Colonel Sanders – Brooks Wackerman Bass, backing vocals: Charlie Chaplin – John Spiker Electric guitar: Antichrist – John Konesky From The Complete Masterworks 2
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ultimate line up. C Chaps on Bass, Twain on Drums, and Jesus on Guitar, and ofcourse, Cage and Jbles fronting it

Charlie Chaplain on Bass????

KG > Meatloaf!

Thumps UP against 44 stupid people….

such clear clips.. damn im satisfied watching this clip
peace out from malaysia

@evilmichael666 there’s coming a new album of TenaciousD :)

@Yoghurtburken or jello biafra

44 Step in line

Why does JB’s Dio impression sound like JB mixed with Richard Nixon?

3:13 Fucking awesome “Roooooooooooock” thumbs up if u love Jack Black and Tenacious D xd m/

i think jack black has such an awesome vocal range that he could do anything he believes in

1:58 OMG! the pick of the destiny fallen down!

JB: ahh fuck i cant do DIO’s voice ffs
god: ahh me neather dont wory
chuck noris: yep pfff i tried too nothing cant do a single note
DIO: muaaahahahahahahaha im the one

Stop crying and bitching about the people disliking. No matter how good the video, there will always be people disliking it, and it often is for no reason at all. It’s often just to provoke, and it’s obviously working. Will this stupid childish trend ever end?

@Yoghurtburken you got that right lol!

44 people still live in Kikapoo

where was this?

Look JB, Justin Bieber?: Fucking all the time. Look JB, Jack Black: Fucking cool!

these 39 people who are not liked and have no concept of music
go Tenacius D
You rocks jb and kg

Guess the ones who disliked this where send to the depths of hell? :D

tenacious d must go world tour!!

I love JB’s “OUCH” at 1:08 XD

I love JB’s “OUCH” at 1:12 XD

kyle is better meatloaf.

@theamazinghairball He is…

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