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Our tremolo bridge design (optional on all SolidBody models) honors the heritage of classic tremolos and adds a fresh splash of Taylor engineering. Ours is a knife-edge, two-point fulcrum bridge. One of our design tweaks was to lower the fulcrum points, which helps re-center the tremolo and gives it a more balanced, natural feel. The lower fulcrum also addresses string slippage problems that players often have grappled with. Among the Taylor tremolos cool features are the ability to set it up to be floating — allowing the pitch to be manipulated both sharp and flat — or to have it bottom out, which means if its fully up to pitch it can only go flat. An adjustable set screw lets you fine-tune the degree of floating or bottoming out. SolidBody guitars equipped with the tremolo feature locking tuning machines, which greatly reduce string slippage and keep the guitar in tune. Players whove struggled with vintage-style trems will love the smooth performance of ours. For more info, please visit www.taylorguitars.com
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Taylor is one of the few manufactures that i will come close to endorsing.

I’ve yet to try an acoustic that sounded bad or played poorly…most sounded wonderfully clear and lively and and played VERY well too.They offer guitars without that thick glossy finish I hate (polluting plastic coat usually stifles tone)

I like the aluminum bridge feature in addition to the ash,rosewood neck and alnico pups…nice bloom.

Just wish the finish were thinner with no gaudy pearloid pickguard.

wait if its floating, will the guitar keep it tune if i change the tuning from lets say, standard to standard d tuning?

Dude looks really different with a full beard.

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it’s a riff from one of his own songs.


Tremolo is spelled wrong in the title…. just to let you know….

Nice sound, beautiful guitar and very nice playing.

What is he playing? is that a song? or just some made-up riff?

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