Taylor Guitars Road Show Portion two: Tonewoods

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Brian Swerdfeger describes the diverse tonewoods supplied by Taylor and how they have an effect on the sound. shop Taylor guitars: www.worldmusicsupply.com
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@loicome I’ve played a few Taylors and Martins side-by-side (same shape, back & side woods, necks, fingerboards, etc.) and find the Taylor’s to be brighter than Martins. The only way to get a warm full sound from a Taylor is to get a GS (not a GS mini) or a dreadnought (also called a DN). I just recently purchased a Taylor 810e-LTD and find it to be full, deep, and powerful without losing the sparkling highs Taylors are known for. I’ve never played a Seagull Good Luck in your search!

I own a fender, but I really think my next guitar will either be a taylor, martin or seagull. I just don’t have enoug h cash right now. I really like taylor’s GS Mini, and their grand auditorium guitars. Any preferences between the above guitar makers?

@rickmontembeault: A tonwood dealer in Australia said it is related to Koa.

Tune tune tune tune….. tune tune….. next time before seminar. :D

This made me happy to read, I have a GA4e which is basically a 414 without the cutaway. I love it :)

I love what he said about “bone tone!” I never heard that before! It makes so much sense and it’s so true! WOW!!!

Not impressed with the Maple demo. Too trebly to the ears of this D-28 owner. Might sound fantastic in person, to be fair.

yeah I will be getting mine too at the end of the month after much debate I chose the 414ce as it sounds much better than the 314ce in my opinion. (yeah I saved up for a year now lol)

Im glad you love ur guitar now I’m not in any doubt! thanks =)

i just bought a 414ce and i still hae to check every morning to make sure that buying it wasn’t a dream.

it’s a great guitar :]

Brazilian will basically sound the same.
It just has a difference grain.

Where does Tasmanian Blackwood fit into the spectrum?

Every Taylor I’ve tried recently has intonation problems. And oddly, the strings play flat at the 12th, not sharp.

I’ve played and repaired many Taylors over the years, and I can truly say they have by far more intonation problems than ever before. Even my DN4 has a flat D & G at the 12th with a new set of EJ16′s. It’s even worse with EJ17s. And the saddle is cut althe way forward from the factory. Wish I could report better news.

I love how Taylor guitars are making this information easily obtainable to the general public.. This really helps people choose the perfect guitar for themselves.

Why didn’t he discuss Brazilian Rosewood or Maddie Rosewood? I’m curious about those tone woods.

Flamed maple, and quilted maple… give the same sound. its all maple wood. but only 1% of maple is quilted.

all the same sound still.

lol turns out I’m buying a 314ce been saving for a long time and yeah almost there lol

Where’s Maple (Quilted) in the spectrum?

beautiful I’m saving up for the 814ce or teh 414ce

I love however the indian rosewood tone a full rich tone….

That was a good little clip.

First ;]

perfects sound i loves yours guitars T_T

first!!! yah :D

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