Taylor Guitars Road Show Part 1: Shapes

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Brian Swerdfeger explains the differences in shapes of Taylor acoustic guitars. Brought to you by www.worldmusicsupply.com to browse Taylor guitars www.worldmusicsupply.com
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I think the GS is the best model.

ihave got a morris dreadnought

Yo taylor… im really happy for you.. imma let ya finish.. but gibson got da best guitars…. OF ALL TIME

This guy is a terrible public speaker.

man, where i live there’s no way to get to see these demos :(

Which Grand Auditorium guitar did you play in this video?

I have been offered a 812c at a good price. Someone said about not strumming them! Whats that all about? it sounded lovely both strummed and picked!

What is the first song name?Tale me pliz

@cramafish its a damn “Grand Concert” duhhh!!! is it me or did he say all the guitars are named the same thing Grand Auditorium. They do make the best guitars (Acoustic) to me too.

looks like african Mahogany to me… but I could be wrong, beautiful though….

@B2DPRODUCTION How is that going for you? I bought the same guitar six months ago and I think its great value and punches way above its weight.

This guy needs to learn how to speak cleary and stop st-stuttering.

what guitar is this, the one at 1:19 to the right, its mahogany/tiger stripe looking. will someone tell me what that ones called?

A Jumbo doesn’t really get it’s justice until you put medium-gauge strings on it and tune it down for that heavy torque bass.


I just bought a Big Baby Taylor for 500, and id say it competes with alot of guitars twice its price AND size haha Its volume and tone is exactly what I was looking for!

hard to pick a favorite. lol. they all sound awsome!

1. They should’ve been properly tuned.
2. He shouldn’t have talked over the GC.
I’m impressed with Taylor and I own a D28 and a Baby Taylor.


should tune the fuckers before he shows a demo
still awesome guitars though

The materials are totally different. the 110 is laminated sides and a spruce top. The 710 is rosewood sides and a spruce top. The 710 ismuch easier to play. The 110 is a perfect starter guitar. they sound totally different. both are standard dreadnought shaped! I am selling my 110 if you are interested. It is slightly used and comes with a really nice soft case!

never mind, im buying me a Grand Concert!!!!!!!!! hehehehehehe!

sorry for my spelling errors on my previous post, i type too fast, its not TIKSA, its IKSA,and i ment ACOUSITC.

could you guys informe me on jumbo shape acpusitc guitars? i bought a dread and its too big for me to play, i own a mini jumbo, its nice, but its an elec/aco, not a normal non plug in guitar. i need info on jumbo guitars please!


The 110 is a lower quality. I’ve played some and they sound like crap compared to other guitars, especially other Taylors.

Buy used man.

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