Taylor Guitars: Hawaiian Koa

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Join Bob Taylor as he discusses this rare tonewood (obtainable now from your authorized Taylor dealer) with its dramatic figure, coloration and essence of the Islands

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bob taylor is the mr rogers of the guitar world.. i love him =)

With these guitars, you can’t set a price on greatness!!! I’m actually saving up to purchase a 814ce, my dream guitar! Where I live, our guitar shops suck! We have Taylors but not anything like an 800 series.

i love these guitars since the very first time i saw them. Taylor Swift has one :) Sadly they’re too expensive for me…

@eldadmi dreaming it now?

my dream guitar!!! I dream of it every day , every minute!

@Breserker255 i like the way you think!! i feel the same way

guitar wood grading is inconsistant…as in Martin guitar would grade wood to how “uniform” and tightly spaced the grains are as to Paul Reed Smith would grade wild flames as private stock..Taylor would grade it this way too

took me two years to find an all koa Martin guitar…got an all koa Taylor JDCM and it is one of my favorite guitars….koa has the highs of a guitar plugged in when it is not. Perfect for those who don’t like growing their nails…finger picking just sounds great! But koa guitars sound very different from one another…inconsistant…gotta try one though

In Hawaii Koa is so common that they make crates and pallets from it. In the past flamed Koa was not so rare and whole rooms were lined with it. My Uncle worked for various wood companies and told me of a job where they lined the walls of a room with curly Koa paneling.

gibson acoustic guitars are over rated,
they are to expensive and they dont sound good at all.
taylor guitars are in my opinion the best brand of acoustic guitars, gibsons are not bad guitars, but a 1000 doller taylor sounds better than a 3000 dollar gibson

Hmm makes me wonder a few things.

Taylor series of folk instruments, from flutes to ukes may be a good way to go. Since less surface is needed, that would give more room to work around defects and let you use more of the wood rather than have that as a loss. There are lots of benefits to maximising use from the environment to not taking a loss on something not usable in a guitar sized piece but usable in a uke sized piece :)

And really, a Taylor flute, awesome yes!

Very well said Bob.

i have a taylor acoustic koa guitar, i use D’addarrio strings. Such a beautiful sound with it.

well taylor recommends using elixer strings with all their guitars! it all depends on what ur string preference is


Always had a soft spot for Taylors ever since Suzanne Vega`s first album,when I read an interview and she said she used them!Finally got a 314ce in 2000 and she(the Guitar,not SV) just sounds and looks better the older she gets!Tip for speeding up the “Playing in” on a new acoustic is to leave it on a stand in front of a speaker!It works!

The first thing Bob says here is really all that needs to be said about koa.

The guys at Gibson would just say “Ah, use it anyway and make it tobacco sunburst around that edge… Charge more for the extra effort… Call it a Custom Shop. Defects???

Koa is awesome… I played a Koa Strat at the local music store… Beautiful look and awesome tone…

DAMN that koa looks awesome!

It is indeed, a rare, expensive and in danger wood….

Well, it depends which body shape and is it ALL Koa?

got a koa taylor, whats the best strings to use for koa? cheers

Koa is probably one of the most best looking tonewood I have ever seen.

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