Taylor Guitars Factory Tour – Portion II

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Portion II of Bob Taylor giving Premier Guitar a individual tour of his factory — bracing, binding, body construction, painting, energy source assembly, neck construction… more at: www.premierguitar.com
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i love the sound of these.i also love martin,takamine[select models],gibson.

lol bob paul reed smith and les paul all had the same type of hair lmao! xD

Taylor junk guitars

Really, who cares if they aren’t hand made. They feel and sound great, and they are pretty cheap too.

@ppolicar so you said that the mexico made is not good then? cos im thinking to get the 110ce, do you think that’s produced bad?

@domeee11 nope

@ppolicar isn’t mexico made guitars are best?

Wheres the part 1?

@PopExpo only 100 and 200 series and the Babies

wow… was a Taylor fan before, but more so now… Great information here.

Every time I watch one of these Taylor videos, I’m just amazed at how Bob is constantly pushing the envelope of luthiery. He’s been in the business of building guitars with his hands from the very beginning and now he’s managed to keep the build quality,price and the production here in the States, it’s amazing. I worked at Collings for a while as a lowly body builder, Bob has influence all the big custom builders in some way or another. Collings also uses CNC on every major piece of his guitars.

Let me start off and say that I love Taylor guitars .They look&play great. I owned one and just recently sold it when I upgraded. But I have to say, when you look at their factory tour clips it amazes me that they charge what they do for their guitars. In my opinion there is nothing close to handcrafted or custom about these guitars. Machines carve out everything to specs and then you have people that probably have no luthier skills put everything together. They follow templates.

My Taylor GS-K is the best guitar I’ve ever played. It has taken me to new places, musically. I bought it while on this very same Taylor Guitars factory tour in 2009. In addition to making tremendous guitars, Taylor’s service is completely excellent: very personal, very concerned, very real, and so professional. I have plans to purchase another Taylor.

100′,200′s, and cases are made in Mexico. 300′s and up in USA. @arniemazmax I don’t like the pickguards either so I took mine off my 314. Looks amazing.

I really want one but hate the scratch guard brown/red colour. also would love a black one but they all for around £650.00 seem natural colour.:(

are all taylors made in mexico?

At a certain level, no guitar company is really any better than any other. It all comes down to the tone a guitarist wants out of an instrument. I own a Taylor NS34-CE simply because I love the tone, but in considering a steel string, I’m now torn between a Taylor 414CE and a Martin DC-1E. They’re both good instruments, but they have different tonal qualities. If I could afford it, I’d buy both.

Salvado Castillo a very famous guitar builder is from Paracho Mexico, so is Abel Garcia lopez a very famous luthier. There are some great guitar makers in mexico


I think the 2008 and above models are made in Mexico. I have a 2007 214ce made in El Cajon.

If your first paycheck was a free Taylor guitar of any model, I would be extremely happy lol

I always admire craftsman at work. Taylor, Martin, Gibson, etc all have a great way of building instruments. What I admire about Taylor is taking something that has been around a very very long time yet found innovative ways of going about it. I like the contemporary look of a Taylor. Played Gibson and Martins all my life, but also own a Taylor and for playing live it is hard to beat for versatility and ease of use. Nice video!

Taylor guitars are not only well built, they have a great sound, the electro acoustics are the best period. I cannot comment on the solid body electrics as I am yet to play any.

nothing wrong with guitars made in china or mexico if you give them the same situation as us

Remarkable, I used to want a Taylor, now I really want one.

yes because nowadays Taylor makes 400 a days so they just dont have the facilities to include the 100/200 series here in the States anymore.

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