Taylor Guitars Expression Program (ES) Guide – Plugging In

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In this video guitar guide, Taylor Guitars VP of Advertising and marketing Brian Swerdfeger, and VP of High quality Assurance David Hosler, address one of the most regularly asked question: “What is the greatest amp to use with the expression method guitars?” Understand what aspects these guitar professionals advocate as basic items to consider to select the ideal acoustic guitar amp for you. You can also discover much more about Taylor Guitars Expression Technique at our website: www.taylorguitars.com
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you can contact Ben with customer service. he can get you the info you need. email him ben.benavente(at)taylorguitars(dot)com


You are also welcome to contact our factory support at 1-800-943-6782

sorry to hear you are having trouble with the ES. You can try contacting our UK service:
Fender GBI
Robert Denholm House
Bletchingley Road
+44 (0) 1342 331748

gbisupport (at) taylorguitarseurope(dot)com

I have recently purchased a new 610ce and the expression system crackles and pops making it unuseable. I have replaced batteries 5 times used several different leads. Any useful advice.
Excuse this route of enquiry but you have no service backup in the UK

BOB, DAVID & BRIAN ! ! !* * * * *B E S T in the world!!!
(I have Taylor 415 CE Jumbo and Marshall AS 100 D. Fantastic sound!!!! But acoustic without amplifier better!!! (live sound)Taylor acoustic-magical! Sorry my bad English… Victor from Moscow.

I have an 814CE … and a Fishman Loudbox. I absolutely hate the sound of my guitar through this amp. I can’t describe it with words other than saying it’s brittle, it lacks warmth and the bottom end,, when there is any, feeds back horribly.

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