Takamine TNV 460SC – A User’s Review

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My evaluation of the Takamine Nashville Series TNV 460SC. Consists of my impressions and some sound samples Man, I speak alot! And I even cut out numerous minutes lol.. Sorry about that! Hopefully there is some very good info there anyway.
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@felipeangelim …. I am pretty sure they have a MSRP of around $2300 if I recall correctly. I picked mine up used for half that.

@jamham13 .. let’s see, I am not sure but I think he said I was old, fat and talk too much….. Yep, that would describe me lol

@ccreyeder thanks for the review man.. could you tell me how much this model costs?
I’m trying to find a good guitar and the TNV460SC has a beautiful sound

Increible como habla el gordo, pura chachara y pocas nueces, viejo! menos bla bla y mas musica!!!!!!!

@whirliegig … hey there. Glad you liked the review and hope it was helpful. Wow! That must be a really special someone! That is a good looking guitar that you picked out. Judging from the spuce top and rosewood back and sides, I would expect the sound to very similar. With the the EF360 being a drednaught body shape, I would expect it to have a little more bass response than mine. All in all, I would say you made an excellent choice and she should be very pleased.

Thanks for that review, the acoustics sound really vibrant and full. I recently purchased a Takamine EF360SC for someone special and wanted to know what differences in sound quality and fidelity I might expect from the model you play in this vid.
She hasen’t been given her gift yet and, although the guitar looks beautiful, the only instrument I ever played was a bottle opener so any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again…

@spongeboy61 awesome! Post a video when you get it!

Sounds great. I am waiting for a EG340SC to arrive and can hardly wait. I played about 30 sub $500 guitars in 2 different stores and the Takamine was the best. The one that came closest to it was a Washburn which sounded awesome for the price.

@blankn1612 No, I have never played a santa fe model. I think they would be very similar though

Have you ever played the tsf48c? How’s that compare to this?

@ccreyeder I agree, it’s what sounds right for you, the player.

@aldobu1990 Thanks for checking out my review. No, I havent seen that model in person, but the specs on it look very nice. It should be a great guitar.

@ccreyeder HI i really want this guitar but i will get an ef360sc have you seen that model?

@ccreyeder TVM!! again!! You know a lot about guitars! And thanks for the Noel Gallagher guitar model.

@yayoasis Noel didnt use either.. the TNV and the EG 460 are newer models from what he used. He used a FD 460SC. The closest match to that would be the TNV model. “Better” is so subjective. The TNV has higher grade wood, bracing, electonics, workmanship, etc.. than the EG and so some would argue that it is “better”. Really, it is about what sounds and feels good to you. Hope that helps!

@ccreyeder Thank you! Do you know what model used Noel Gallagher when oasis played at MTV Unplugged? And finally, I don’t know what model is “better” you don’t tell me!

Thanks again!

@yayoasis Thanks for watching! The main differences will be in the wood (solid vs laminate), the preamp (cool tube vs TP4T) bracing, and overall quality, fit and finish, etc. Both have the NEX body and basic wood combination.

Question: What is the difference between this one (TNV 460SC) and EG 460SC ?

@fretmanarnie…. glad to help. I hope you get many years of enjoyment out of your purchase

Thanks for the review. You brought out the highlight of that guitar (tone) without getting complicated. I’ve played an older Tak for abouth twenty years and have just discovered this model on eBay at a good discount. Gonna buy it for sure. Thanks again

@lesj321 look at bedell first.. there is an amazing one made of cedar…. i love bedell
otherwise martin dx1

@lesj321 How about one of each? :) Seriously, both companies have great guitars. It depends on your budget and preference. Go try out different models in your budget range and let your ear and your hands tell you which one. Either way you cant go wrong.

i can’t decide between a takamine or a martin. which do you suggest…and cost is important. haha.

@JerryHortonIn9months Hey Jerry. I dont think you can go wrong with purchasing this model. Mine is still sounding and playing great. What kind of info do you need on the cool tube? And, yes, you can install an auxillary pickup, but I have found I didnt really need to, it sounds great as is.

@WHOAxITSxDARIN Thanks! Hope it helps people. I couldnt find any reviews when I was trying to decide lol

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