Takamine GS330S Demo by Brad Davis

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Check out the Sigler Music Video Demo of Takamine Guitar products featuring Brad Davis. The video calls the guitar an EGS330s, but it is in fact a GS330s. Pardon the incorrect overlays through the video. For much more information, or to obtain this item, contact us at 1-800-281-6607 or go to www.siglermusic.com.
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i have the same guitar but he makes it sound SO good lol

@SRVisthebest Think about it. You use a capo so you can play the open chords in a different key. So by using more than one capo you can have the bass strings in one key and the rest of the strings in another key.

seems to have a very bright sound

how much is this guitar?

What would be good strings for this guitar as I am thinking about picking one up when you guys get them back in stock.

@siglermusic and hes bad becuz he plays country :P

@SRVisthebest So he can capo the first through 5th strings to the third fret, and the 6th string to the 1st fret. Kinda like tuning to a drop D…. Kinda.

Just picked up one of these at my local shoppe. The tone on this guitar is amazing. It’s so pure. It was that plain jane within the glittering masses, so subtle, but when you strum those strings; MAN.

@Jlpstrtkng ……he has it right jack the 330 is the dreadnaught….the 430 has the NEX style body…so get it straight fool….

but mine i believe is the GS430S which is what this is because this looks EXACTLY like mine. i think you have the name wrong guy. either way im sure they both sounds great for 300 bucks

yeah i got this guitar it is VERY nice and for only 300 bucks

@SRVisthebest Because the other one is for the low E string.

He sounds like he’s talking about a new girlfriend :D

I have this guitar, and I have had it for about a month. I’m just learning to play, but I tell you all of my friends who play are jealous of me because I bought this for my first guitar. It was cheap too.

I bought this guitar roughly 2-3 years ago and it has a pinless bridge. I’m quite happy with it. It should give you a nice contrast to the spruce top you already have.

Huh. That GS330S look NOTHING like others that I have seen in stores or online. I realize that you guys said they may have just recently added the pinless bridge, which I would like. But if you notice how dark in color the sides are compared to others.

I have a solid spruce top guitar.

My next guitar will have a cedar top. This will probably be the? one.

I don’t know if I would “take it out by the campfire” like Brad says though! Maybe if I had his money I would!

my tak is the same model and it a pin bridge.

thanks :D

@evrolicious I’m not positive, but I think they started putting the pinless bridge on the GS330S fairly recently. Most of the online shops have a picture with pins in the bridge, but the one at my local Takamine dealer does not have pins.

most of the photos online that i see of this guitar have the bridge that requires bridge pins. are there more than one models of this guitar?

Actually, the action on the one I tried and bought yesterday is wonderful! I was out shopping for a guitar for my daughter, since I won’t give her my ’74 Martin D28, and she wants a full sized guitar now. I just fell in love with this Takamine. It is beautiful and so easy to play. (Sound is nice, but of course not as good as my Martin.) But it’s so much fun to play – my daughter and I may be fighting over it. So far superior to any other guitar under $400 I could find. I love it!

what strings do you use?

@SRVisthebest cos the action must be too high… i noticed there’s capos used on cheap guitars only he’s tested… so.. i think really it’s action related..

Iv had it since this spring. get the right strings on it and it sounds AMAZING. bad strings can ruin this guitar. also if your a guitar hugger it’ll ruin the sound of it.

I have this guitar. Been playing for fifteen years and I think it sounds horrible. The acoustic sound for some reason just sounds BAD. The action is too high.

You can see it on my channel.

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