Takamine G320-NS – How does it sound ?

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How does a Takamine G320-NS sound ? Like this ! Microphones : DPA 4011 (Left & Appropriate), DPA 4006 (Center) Preamps : al.so MP1 & MP2 Audio interface : RME FireFace 800 A lot more info : fr.audiofanzine.com

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@gipsilipsi china

hi! this guitar is japanese or chinese version? thanks!

@oliverz86fly Dumb ass…

@oliverz86fly thats sort of the point. to compare the difference. its a guitar review.

I had an older Takamine that was a very good sounding guitar live through the PA, I always got compliments on my sound. It was an inexpensive guitar, but that doesn’t always matter. I’ve heard some people with 4,000.00 acoustics and they never knew how to get a good sound with them.

boring, In every video you play the same shit..

it comes with d’addario exp strings! ^^

what kind of strings do u use in this video?

between this guitar and the Cort earth 100, which would you choose?and why?

takamine are nice guitars, they do tend to sound all the same, but they are excellents builds

I think that were D’addario Strings

@qqssaa why not?

i realy dont like the takamine

Looks like it has a nice sound

Thank you

What kind and size of strings did you use, when you recorded this video?
I have the as same guitar, this strings sounds cool :)

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