Takamine G-Series Acoustic Guitar: Video Demo

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Hey everyone,first actual video in a while.I got tired of recording sound clips,so now you can actually see and hear me playing.Just a quick demo/explanation of the guitar.Please chcek out my page and my 30 plus videos! Thanks for watching!
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You cannot beat Takamine for pure sounds. Just epic stuff. I love my G Series and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

you really like picking at the bridge huh ^^

Nice dude :) im going to bid on one if the guy lowers the postage cost lol. Nice playin.

I just ordered a very similar guitar. Takamine EG340SC. Of all the guitars under $500 it was easily the best sounding and easy to play. It actually compares well against some of the lower end Martins.

Great playing too loved the video.

how much dose one of these go for

damn man you are a great player! and this sounds like a great guitar.. I’m wondering though if I should get this or a Seagull S6.. i’m gonna go into the store and try em both out soon

nice playing love ur vids
i have a tak too!!!!!!!!!

You just influenced my decision on this guitar. Just ordered one for 399.00 with a 10% off coupon from GC in red. Very nice playing btw.

ur good but u cudve got a better takamine for the same price by buying one without the cutaway design

what strings do you use?

i have that guitar with a beatiful sunburst just got it used itt amazing condition for 220 dollars canadian

Hey I have the black version w/the solid top..though the color Red is very flashy..Im into Red guitar these days,,

Awesome playing man ;) what the name of the song???

@trocker222 Thanks man!

nice play’n dude.

@MeeYC yes

is this the Takamine G Series EG440C NEX Acoustic-Electric Guitar? cuz im interested in this guitar:):) please answer!!!!!

Yea,for this video i run the guitar thru a crate amp and then i mike the amp,then go into a mixer,then into my computer.thanks!

I like the sound of this guitar. Can you tell your set up for this video? (amp, eq, ect). Thanks

i just got this guitar today; and its just amazing !!!:P

Yeah your welcome man!! Its a great guitar!! It really is. ROCK ON!!

yea,thank you:)

I agree they are great!! Anyway its what you want and not your friends you know. I love these guitars. Best sound man.

That is one sweet as Heck guitar man!!! I’ve been wanting a TakamineG Series for a while , they are just so good sounding you know! My friend has this beautiful Emerald Green one and it is The best Acoustic I have ever played. Has the best sound and best feel you know. I want to get mainly a Green or Red on elike yours , or maybe a Natural wood. Awsome playing man! Sounded really good! I love hte guitar and the sound man!! ROCK ON and awsome video!!

Thank you,yea the model is…. EG440C

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