takamine ef341c demonstration

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my takamine ef341c was created in japan in 1990, this model is preffered by john bon jovi and bruce springsteen it created of leading spruce and the back and sides are nato mahogany i have it for 14 years now. the sound quality is bad and doesn’t reflect the real beauty of the this guitar. when I strummed, it got into distortion simply because the internet cam is too sensitive. every fragment of song demonstrated very first without the amp,and than with the amp – this is my very first upload so i still have a lot to learn – but hope it helped you decide whether or not to acquire such a guitar
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hi, I’m using an electric guitar amplifier, a marshall valvestate 265 , I belive this guitar would sound much better on an electroacoustic amp. hope I helped

are you using a amplyfy….electroacustic. or for electrick guitar??

Thank you very much!

fantasic playing,this video has really helped me to understand more about this guitar, i think im going to buy one :) especially appreciated the metallica in there:)

im interested

hi.. i want to sale my takamine EF341C 100% japanese.

i want to buy my takamine EF341C. absolutly japanese.!! almost new. with original hardcase.

Hi, I’m looking for this guitar takamine ef 340 1990[japan japan]There was an antique store in new york but this guitar sold :(
The beauty of your guitar,This guitar also has the following video

thank you! I’ts my peasure

i really would every acoustic guitar demo here on youtube were so intensiv and informal like yours! really impressive, thank you very much dude, now i have a good impression of this guitar !

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