Taj Gibson Sledgehammer Dunk vs Heat 5/15/2011

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Taj Gibson Sledgehammer Dunk vs Heat five/15/2011
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Yes Yes Laugh All You Want D-Rose Cause Thats All Your Gonna Get In This Series

Dat was da highlight of da night. #Chi City

@youknowwhatiamyou heat lose

@kingfish1993 ..how’d that go for ya? haha lebrick will never get a ring. hes just a pompous asshole, he doesn’t deserve one. im glad wade already got one because if karma has anything to do with it lebron won’t get a ring.

Lebron james, Dwayne wade, chris bosh vs Derrick rose. That’s really fair. It was close:(

@ComicBookCollection hahahahahahaha Heat Fan Here. But Taj Gibson Is Ridiculous

he postered his own teammate lol

heat win

@ComicBookCollection hahahhahahahahahhahahaha


lol thats funny!

@mrwhatever213 You’re stupid.

@ProtoTon972 your dumb.

Overrated dunk.

Taj maballs in ur face

D Wade, Lebron, and Bosh must actually be the three that disliked this vid lol

Replay it from 0:07 over and over and you’ll hear the most awesome laugh.

Now that I think about it I’m glad the celtics didn’t make it to the east finals

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thats how you say FUCK YOU without saying FUCk YOU

I still don’t get why we haven’t made Gibson a starter yet..

one of the best dunks ever!

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Boy looked like darryl dawkins out there jammin

@smashe01 hahaha!

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