Taj Gibson SICK Dunks in Game 1 Eastern Conference Finals – Heat vs. Bulls

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Chicago Bulls’ Taj Gibson throws down a posterizing dunk on Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade…THEN follows it up late in the game with a sick 1-handed jam. Derrick Rose LOVES it.

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sup yo

sup yo

sup yo

type “short? guy dunks” in the youtube search box to see a 5’5 guy dunking a 10ft hoop

@ryno88 When you have watched as many NBA Playoffs as I have then come holla at me skippy. I even had the Heat winning in 6 but I guess I gave the Bulls a little too much lol :p Now I got the Heat in 6 for the beginning of a 3peat ;)

0:01 – 0:03 was a travel by number 32.
and im so high :P

he even posterized his team mate lol

@royalfrenchfrie24 not really maybe if wade was bigger than him but this is still a decent dunk…

ESPN, is 5 10, white and can dunk. what do you mean white guys can’t dunk? It’s simply about the training people do to get their own leg strength to be high enough to dunk. For me, I personally used the exercising program over at (50-inch-vertical(dot)com)

Overrated dunk.

Taj A beast A monster A dog!

I like watching athletes get punked…”ben is a punk rape”.. Check that one out

@alphacapo he was on the bench but look at his reaction lol

For the second dunk, if you imagine that the only player on the court is Gibson and rest is not there, it looks like it came straight from the Sprite dunk contest.

Come to Madhouse Of Music to check out the best Chicago Bulls Song Ever. ‘Madhouse on Madison’ by Mak Legend.

Gibson is BEAST thats all i have 2 say!

HA!!! Wade got raped!!!

Lebron didn’t wanna come here, well now you got no choice but to come here!!! Come get some, The UC on Madison

@Dirtbiker1537 hahahaha

@23vangster there is no such thing as great miami sports fans

there is no such thing as great miami sports fans

All I heard during this game was Unreal Tournament…DOMINATING DOUBLE KILL UNSTOPPABLE LEGENDARY

Got dunks????

woooooooo hooooooooooooo! WICKED!

@godzilla1077 Cool story, bro.

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