Swedish House Mafia – One (ROCK Guitar/Bass/Drums cover + TABs)

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Guitar/Bass/Drums Cover guitar tabs online ;) Completly without using the original track (so youtube can’t block me this time :P ^^) yeah, finally another video with me playing the keyboard drums as some of you wished :) man, this was so much work and i really became desperated during mixing, but now i would say i got it quite solid. I hope you enjoy. PLEASE: rate/comment/subscribe, i would very appreciate :) like me on facebook: www.facebook.com thanks ;) GUITAR / BASS TABs: de.tinypic.com
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better than original! awesome!

professioonallll ;D I

Hi what affects are you using for bass is it distortion
by the way you play them all you are awesome

oh my god! you’re fucking awesome!!
And your cover of tim berg is so amazing. I shared it on facebook
Respect from Belgium

fucking amazing

Great Cover!!! :D

you’re the best!

I started smiling like the grinch on the first clap yuh did, I promise to subscribe as soon as I get to a computer.

1:58 best part :)

fucking great… good job man !

Repeat button?!?!?!?!@#@#

Every stuff is awesome gratz..But Keyboard is very very impressive :)

O My God it’s fantastick :D


Amazing Cover, will be subscribing ! :D

Bei 0:22 klingt es ein bisschen übersteuert. Wenn du nicht so auf der Couche rumlungerst. Ist es affengeil.

Mach dir nen Greenscreen. (Materialien aus dem Baumarkt. (Schätze höchstens 10€)) Und nehm davor aus. Das kommt wesentlich besser. Dann kannst du noch im hintergrund fetzige sachen mit Magix (Welche du von Videoamt bekommen wirst :D ) einblenden. Nimm es als gut gemeinten Tipp und nicht als Kritik. Finde es Klasse. Abonniert.

Dude, you’re a beast! Awesome cover!

Dude class cover :P can u plase put up da bass tabs as my band ar tinkin of doin a cover :P thanks

lol at 01:03

there arent bass tabs on the site

That was…… Insanely Pro

wow..amazing bro..!!!

Respect!!! :D

NICE you are really tallented

This is how this song should be!

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