Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits – Igor Presnyakov

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25 Sultans of Swing . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov .

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Feel it!!

Igor you’re God, hope Mark Knopfler see this.

no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! haha damn!

fucking amazing


GUITAR HERO 6:Legends Of Guitar
Justin Bieber
Very Easy
God Of Guitar
Igor Presnyakov

@TheCagaGrosso that one made me laugh!!!

If Igor was a potato, he would be a good potato

Parece facil!!!! wow…

The dislikers are jealous

@SuperSuicidalpanda yes because he is in Drop D tuning with capo on 5 fret so he can play the bass part really easy

Damn. Just searched for some good Sultans of swing covers.. found this, watched about 50 other IGOR videos and came back here 30sec ago… well spended time!

holy crap the capo isn’t on the low E !!!!!


You look like a cuban revolutionary man and you are amazing at playing.


Look at? your penis…

Now look at dislike bar…

Not big difference right?

cum catano รณ camandro…MUITO BOM!!!

best interpretation of this song i`ve ever heard so far… the guy has it

Io credo che se Dio mi chiedesse di scegliere un dono solo per me e non utilizzabile per il bene degli altri, io gli chiederei di darmi un talento come quello di Igor

Now thats pure show… Igor is playing, probably the hardest song ever created, then makes it harder and… he’s singing as well :) )) Best accoustic guitar player this planet has ever seen!!!

Igor would be a blast at a big rowdy campfire!

@kakkashin Its true, makes me wanna quit trying. Anyway I dont know much, in general, or a about you tube i watched your videos and they are great, better than anything on tv tonight thats for sure. So how come you have 7 million views and only 1 subscriber? It also says you have no uploads, im confused and intrigued all at the same time.

@Tanis350 they won’t save you

Thumbs if this guy should go to Britains Got Talent! If theres a Russias Got Talent tell him to go there.


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