STRYMON Brigadier delay guitar effects pedal demo

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25 The Brigadier dBucket Delay pedal demoed with a http cabronita style tele and a Rt 66 amplifier. Killer vintage tones from this box of repeating freshness.

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Cool ring at 11.11…… Keith Richards skull ring copy ?

@Theseventhknight Last one..
My thoughts of good guitar cable design, though I have not tested this would be to run two larger gauge twisted conductors in a cable (one for positive and one for ground) and then have a ground braid over the pair but with the braid only connected at on end (Amp side). Then you must have enough insulation between the conductors and the braid as well to reduce the capacitive effect. Just my thoughts. Please don’t take as gospel.

@Theseventhknight cont.
I see where a coat hanger test may trick you as coat hanger wire has a large cross section reducing resistance in the positive wire. The lower the resistance in the positive wire, the lower the capacitive effect, the less chance for impedance mismatch. Also, if the coat hanger wire does not have the insulation and braided shield over it, virtually no capacitive effect is created. The problem mostly arises in thin inner core wire type guitar cables. So this test is unfair

Hey 7thKnihgt, I meant capacitance. You see the capacitance created between a very thin inner positive wire to a large braided ground wrapping it and a thin wall of insulation between them causes the impedance mismatch. The thin insulation actually becomes the dielectric and the two wires the two plates. By taking care to use a larger inner core along with the correct braiding you reduce this capacitance. You can’t eliminate it, it’s just physics. cont.

@CelestialEffects er, capacitance? i think you mean inductance.
and also, did you ever hear about the guy that did a blind test and found the subjects couldn’t tell the difference between monster cables and coat hanger wire?

300 bucks is steeeeeeep

How can I get that rug?

GearMannDude needs a signature White Coily Cable

strymon is so good at making pedals!

I have four, a white (in honor of GMD), one white/red stripe and two blacks. Love them for board to guitar and then i use straight bullet cables from board to amp. Coilies don’t work so good there LOL. I’ve had mine for about a year and so far all have held up really good. If you don’t spend the money on your cables, your just fooling yourself because we go out and get all these great effects and then put ‘em through cheap cables and add so much capacitance to the signal chain.

@CelestialEffects that’s the one I have myself :)

Need to try out the Reverb pedal next

…i bet that pedal would sound even more awesome with a glass pick!!!

What the song at the beginning?

@tim11elliott around $300

@Phishboy26 I am lol’ing, I am no strymon-fanboy but I played with both of those pedals, Carbon Copy is lame and weak, DD-20 a lot of options but there are better digitals DD-20 is pretty sterile imho..

@CelestialEffects they are all backordered at Musicians Friends might wanna look around some Ive been waiting on mine for a month now LMAO !!!!!!!! Just blame GMD lol j/k

There are better tap tempo delays out there. The Carbon Copy and the Boss DD-20 are the 2 best delay pedals out.

Hey, gmd, you’ve been touring or sth? Been waiting for new videos. I’m so glad the new ones don’t present OD, I’m fed up with them.

Hope you test some BIYANG pedal. They’re said to be as cool and cheap as Danelectro pedals.

The new ones are smaller and colorful – look nice on pics.

I have to say this was probably your best delay demo yet :) good job!

and what a great sound… Strymon makes good stuff

“Kinda gearmanndudey tone thing” HAHA

@GuitarBlues3 vox do coily cables :D

Such a tough decision between the SIB Echo Drive, and this.

Not bad for a digital thing.

Thats one fun pedal thanks GMD

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