Stranger-Danger Jams !! – A stroll in the park

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stranger danger jam #9. Minutes soon after I uploaded this video, (several weeks right after it happened) she emails me about an unrelated show she was playing back in NY. Eerie. Valerie June
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That’s awsome! wish the sound quality was a bit better.

@Yezirrah Thank you soo much!! I love the music, so I love when ppl can share in that, and I am glad it comes through in my videos! Many more to follow! Cheers! Mike

@bobblunn thanks for watching and commenting man!! Cheers!

@legopoof hahah… if I didn’t do something because I would look funny, I wouldn’t do a lot of suff!!!

@Moritz606 keep at it man! music is the universal language! cheers!

@DillHoleeloHlliD thanks for checking out some videos man! How is the harp learning coming?

@kranichcobra indeed it is my friend!! Great success! Thanks for checking out a video :)

jamming in the street is the best for make firendship

hey man.. I just started playing the harp about a week ago… keep it up with all ur doing..

I really enjoy your vids, even if my harping is very bad though I try to make ppl smile. Thats what you do!

I love how your just walking through the park with your camera and harmonica. You probably looked really funny. But seriously, your good. And that girl sounds amazing

mate you are so lucky .. believe me there are no so many people who go around and jam with other people and share it on internet. I wish i could meet people such as you

hahaha that was one nice walk!:)

That was cool! Thnks for sharing &
Jam ON!

I first subscribed to you (along time ago) because of the ”how to” videos as i play harmonica aswell and i’m becoming kinda good actualy and thats all because of you man! But these jam videos are insane.. You spread love thats what you do, thanks for this :)

i just love how you can walk up to someone and start jamming with them.


Awesome man! And it makes me soo **** happy that I was able to share? that feeling with you. Music truly is a universal language.

LOL So true!!!

She is Valerie June!

This video makes me so damn happy. Your videos made me play harp and this is damn well good reason to keep practicing.

Cool vids man, don’t stop them coming.

Thats pretty cool.The woman sounds like sandy squirrel.

@browncaiman you got it man.. I promise to keep doing that, if you promise, (at least every once and a while) to give me some feedback on some original music :)

to be honest this thing that you do, you know going out and jam with anybody, is the main reason i’m subscribed to your chanel, i just love it ,please keep doing it , 5/5

I would have been like “What the…?”

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